Suspended for objecting to GDKP

I have noticed casual raid attendance is really down as of late and have come to realize that it’s because of this thing called GDKP, and the prices people are paying to obtain these items don’t make sense, nobody just has 320k laying around from doing dailies, professions, and dungeons. So I objected to GDKP and think it is actually connected to gold selling and bots, and the professional GDKP organizers are most likely the same corrupt people flooding the servers with bots and selling gold, so …I decided to yell in Dalaran for people to /follow me and lets do a train around the city in objection to GDKP, I actually had a fair amount of people following me and doing the /train emote. However the next day I was suspended 7 days!!! for “abusive” chat because I yelled for people to join a train that objects to some shady business. I’m just wondering what’s really going on here Blizzard. or is this some GM that is abusing a privilege and doing this to me, I am deeply hurt and offended. I have been in quite a few trains over the last 18 years for all kinds of wild reasons and I don’t think anyone was suspended for yelling to join a train…lol


if you go GDKP you make a big cut of the big pot.

and if you go GDKP you can also spend a lot of gold on a big pot.

it is a trickle-down economic system. i know you youngsters don’t believe in it but where do you think the pot goes?


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Yep, checks out.


what you are saying is a partial truth, some prices being paid in these GDKP don’t make sense and nobody just has 300k laying around weekly…unless you are buying gold, that’s not even my concern at this point, my concern is being suspended for objecting to something that a huge player base objects to…so in a sense if I don’t agree to it and object to it openly…you will be suspended??..I’m sorry but that’s not the game I remember years ago. this whole thing is very shady…and I’m trying to bring it into the light.


300k in the pot with 25 players is 12k for a single item.

you don’t need to buy gold, you can farm gold by doing more GDKPs. How big is the pot at the end of Ulduar? 50k ? that means you make 200k-300k every month.

haha. u r not wrong. look at dis operation.

guild officer dat also sells gold on a discord while also running a gdkp. note da ranks n color of their name in da discords.

imgur. com/a/YdnNCOj

screenshot of dat same guilds gdkp discord promoting da same gold selling discord. haha. note da ranks n color of their name in da discord. yellow is leader.

imgur. com/a/GyQcgZf

haha. here is a photo of dat same guilds guild master telling buyers in da gold selling discord how to get priority spots in da gdkp discord. note da ranks n color of their name in da discord. green is gdkp leader.

imgur. com/a/yboW7Pw

45,000,000 gold sold in tbc classic with da price of 12 usd dollars per 1000 gold.

540,000 usd real money earned through one gdkp selling gold to people.

god only knows how much they have sold in wotlk classic over da past 9 months.

think about all da other gdkps n gold farming operations on da classic servers. dis is just one example.



Should have saved this post for Sunday.

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you did a server wide poll ?

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Its always funny how surprised people are when they play stupid games and win stupid prizes.

You forgot that he his name starts with Frost.

And i´ve not seen Frostfire hanging around.

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gdkp’s have been and will continue to be a gold sellers wet dream and a cancer on the game.


GDKPs are technically not the problem. I view them kind of like gambling and the mob. Did gambling help the mob with its finances? Yes. Was gambling technically the problem? No, organized crime was. Same thing here. GDKPs are technically not the problem. Gold sellers are.

Like it or not, people prefer GDKPs because you’re pretty much guaranteed to come away with something for your time.

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RMT is the problem, not GDKP. GDKPers are killing the same bosses, on the same difficulties with the same drop rates as everyone else is. The legitimate players cannot control what others do with their money, thats on Blizz to enforce their policies, not on a loot system, and by loot system i mean the best loot system for pugging there is.


GDKP does not make you buy gold.
RDF does not make you become a toxic player.
Guns don’t kill people.

These are all in the same boat, as far as wanting to punish legit people following the rules.

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I despise GDKP and think its a cancer to gaming. I’ve been in one at the request of a guild member to heal. I didn’t need gear so at the end of the run I was given something like 10K gold (don’t remember the exact amount). During the run the “buyers” were openly talking about the rm price of gold and how if it weren’t for GDKP they would never have the time to play. In the discord the organizers were openly telling players where they could purchase gold before the run began. I do not enjoy PTW games, its just not my style but to each their own.

I also want to point out the above is antidotal and others experience will vary. I choose not to participate in the practice and hope it gets banned but I’m not one of those people that believe if you play differently than I choose to you are somehow a bad person.


Please provide chat logs. Otherwise, I can’t help but guess there was some not-so-friendly terminology used during your protest. :stuck_out_tongue:

I keep seeing people talk about Sunday. Is this a reference to something?

oh noooooooooo

I think it’s like kids have school Mon-Fri and Sat they do homeworks…or not just kids…everyone…Sunday is when game is the busiest I’d imagine…idk.

Sunday is troll post day because raids are usually done by most and they get bored in game so to past time they come to the forums and make troll posts about random stuff.


RMT may be the cancer but GDKP is the chemo that pisses the tumor off and makes it grow wild and metastasize.


What you do is report every gdkp advertisement in trade etc. If enough people do it, the organizers will get bans. Granted they’ll do it on extra accts etc to get around all that eventually, but just keep reporting every gdkp advertisement you see in trade.

That’s exactly how they got you banned, mass reporting.