Suspected AH manipulation?

I don’t know where do I post this.
Tried to raise a ticket, but complaint for players are to be done by right clicking that character and report. Since I can’t do this, so I turn to here.

Here’s what I’m seeing. This particular toon, comes on, on the interval between 10~15 minutes, posts a bit of undercutting some high priced item, buys up whatever some careless players posts up on the AH in that time period.

Say for eg.
He comes on -> posts 1 phantasmal haunch -> buys up whatever that’s at the same price/undercut -> logs off.
Problem being, I am pretty sure he’s running a bot given the interval timing and item involved.

How do I go reporting this?

You can email hacks@blizzard .com if you can’t report by right clicking. There’s no real rule about manipulating the market though.


I know there’s no rule on market manipulation.
I am, if not, pretty impressed by the cleverness to some extent.

But, not when it’s suspected of botting.
I see that toon day and night. At the same interval. With the same main toon buying them up? No. That’s what’s wrong. Not the manipulation of market.

Ok, and that is still a hack, so report it to if you can’t report by right clicking


Alot of us gold goblins have 2 accounts, we regularly check our AH toons and what your prob seeing is a very common tactic of listing 1 of a high value item for cheap with the intention of buying out all of whats posted by people who dont know or dont bother checking the actual price, they just list at whatever the undercut is currently. You might lose that item for a couple gold if someone snipes it, or, you get yourself a stack of something worth 70g a piece for 5g and relist for a solid flipped profit.


There are allowed AH Addons that can do the things you described.