Survival Tactics (Honor Talent)

What is this good for in arena these day? It seems by the time you are retargeted after feign death the damage reduction buff will be gone. Feign Death will cancel incoming cast so it’s not useful there. So I can only imagine this being good for things like Bladestorm, Fists of Fury, Frost Orb, meteor, and other AoE.
Thoughts? I’d like to free up an honor talent if I’m not using this one correctly.

There’s really not a time when this talent isn’t good. Probably one of the better overall talents, but if you are running craven stratagem you can replace it.

Keep up mind running that leggo and talent is still incredibly good. The tooltip explains enough and that dmg reduction when timed properly is very powerful.

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Just watched a Soulscape video where he explains why he runs Survival Tactics with Craven Strategem, because its just that good. I dont have that kind of battlefield awareness, but if you can think to feign death mid cast on a hard hitting opponent ability thats totally worth it.

Feign death after casts are in the air with ST will make you take 90% reduced damage, also good for the stuff you mentioned: FoF, bladestorm, meteor, etc.

It can also buy you a ton of time to survive things like convoke or buy your healer an extra 1.5 seconds to pick you up out of CC (w/ target macros you will be retargeted faster than 1,5s)