Survival Rogue?

In Dragonflight, I feel like we’ve got some nice survivability tools at our disposal… imagine having all of these in your build (as of now, we can get all at once):

  • Combat Stamina
  • Enduring Brawler
  • Crimson Vial
  • Recuperator
  • Cheat Death
  • Soothing Darkness
  • Leeching Poison
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Unless you are being carried and just need to survive, there isn’t much value in stacking that many defensives. Too many things there don’t make sense. Namely why you’d go out of your way just to take all the defensives you can at the expense of so much damage when you could do far better overall dropping one or two of those.

Elusiveness > Cheat anyways. And just Elusiveness, baseline Crimson Vial, and Leeching would be sufficient a lot of the time.


yeah but Elusiveness was nerfed. I’m finding it a tad hard to go for it now. Kind of like CD, just wish it worked a little better

It’s still the best defensive we can get. 20% is nothing to sneeze at considering with full vers gear you’re only sitting at maybe 15-18% passive damage reduction.

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Not the best defensive… that would be vanish/cos/evasion. It’s still good, but now debatable. I do wish CD would get a little buff though.


At 16.7% DR (or 33.4% versa), your DR from Elusive falls off to Versa DR. It’s still good to have, but not as good as baseline numbers imply (it’s multiplied, not added).

83.3% Damage Taken * 80% Damage Taken
Total 66.64% damage taken
Or only 16.66% added DR from Elusive.

A good way to think of it is Versa dampens the numeric value (the DTPS cap is still 20% larger). Whereas a perk like leeching is multiplied twice by versa (once for the damage conversion, and once again for the damage taken capacity).


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The more you know…

Thanks for the insight.

I guess I mean more optional defensive. Nobody in their right mind would skip evasion and cloak and vanish are standard.

Right, i dont understand why those are options. May as well give us the “option” to wield a weapon.


So would you say Leeching is worth going for judging by that? I haven’t tried it in beta yet

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Depends on your spec and build. For outlaw, I wouldn’t skip it. But I also have a reputation for stacking leech.

For sub or sin, if you can go for damage options instead, you’re probably better with that–using mobility and cooldowns as your defensive and coordinating crowd control. If you have a free point and you’re picking between Elusive or Leeching, it just depends on the content. For PvP, Elusive will probably make plays, while for PvE, Leeching will give some stress relief on healing light/passive damage.

General rule though, don’t go out of your way to pick it up for either dagger spec, unless you’re planning to go crit-heavy build.


Well, they nerfed us by removing Enduring Brawler’s +15% Stamina Buff.

That isn’t needed to be honest. Rogue healing is very strong across all three specs in DF.

But my concern though is that because of so much Rogue healing they may nerf survivability CDs.

They did this heading into MoP from Cata and it was bad.

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