Survival PvP Guidance?

Hi All,

I typically use icy-veins or wowhead to help make PvP decisions on talents, but these two are completely at odds with each other. Anyone know of a decently ranked Survival Hunter I could check out? Or a different authority on what talents to use for Arenas? Thanks.

I found the top rated EU Survival hunter :slight_smile:

He has a video guide too

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What File post. There also a youtuber name soulscape. He does more open world but even so. Tips.

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Remember that when you see a top rated player they have a build for a very specific Niche. If your goal is to be the best at arena the you can definitely follower their advice to the T. However, if you are looking to play more diverse playlists take heed.

Going Venthyr for example makes it much tougher to defend points without the extra shield on necrolord. For RBG’s or solo Random Battlegrounds I prefer Necrolord.

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Seconded. Necro feels best for varied pvp play.

If you have any specific questions I can answer. I hit 2.7 in 3s last season/expac as surv. I have not played a ton this season as it it just not fun for me, some irl circumstances adding to this, but I still know what’s up.

Necro is terrible for pvp as a hunter. The covenant order for survival is as follows.

Venthyr>Kyrian>Night Fae>Necrolord.

Venthyr is easily the best in all pvp situations, with how much haste survival stacks the kill shot procs are plentiful and they pump.

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