Survival PvP button bloat

Holy heck.

I’m setting up my alt hunter with a survival PvP build and after speccing into the recommended build I think I have more hotkeys than any other class including mage, shaman, and mistweaver.

I already have chosen not to bind flanking strike just out of frustration and literally running out of binds. I guess my question to you all would be: are there any other abilities from the following that I could get away with not using or skipping binds. Maybe I could combine some into macros on a single key?

Fury of the eagle
Serpent sting
Scatter shot
Pet attack
Pet recall
Death chakram
Explosive shot
Mend pet
Roar of Sac
Sticky tar bomb / chimera sting
Aspect of the eagle
Mending bandage
Dismiss pet

I also haven’t even bound revive pet.

Any advice would be welcome. I love survival but the last time I played it I don’t remember this many keys!


ur trollin rite?

I agree. No spec should require 3 action bars to play effectively. It’s overkill, sloppy and bloated.

I have pet attack macrod into kill command. I also have dismiss pet macrod into my normal call pet.


op here is a way to consolodate mend call n revive

/cast [mod]Revive Pet; [@pet,dead]Revive Pet; [nopet]Call Pet 1; Mend Pet


Ah, I did not notice that. That is definitely fried.

It might seem fried to experienced SV hunters but I haven’t played one at max level since I think Legion so just looking at all the abilities I listed out, I decided to not use flanking strike as it didn’t seem to me to be that important, but obviously I could be wrong.

I will try combining several of the abilities in the suggestions above, thank you.

Definitely reconsider flanking strike, I dont know a single good build that doesn’t utilize it.