Survival, I guess they are done with us?

There’s a champ in LoL named Samira that transitions seemlessly between melee and ranged. I’ve mentioned Ullr before from Smite, too. His is a toggle, but same idea; he gets AS bonus at range and leech in melee. Not sure how that would work with melee/ranged weapons.

I’d be happy with transitional play, all melee, or all ranged. It still doesn’t feel like there’s a clearly defined theme for SV, though. We’ve all bantered about what it might be in the abstract, but there isn’t anything that reflects it in practice.

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Furry of the eagle should get flat out double damage and still wouldn’t be broken.

Even in current state where you can keep it almost 100% uptime I don’t like its position in talent tree. 2 points to get wildfire infusion. Either move wildfire infusion somewhere or vipers venom somewhere else.

And I still can’t understand blizzard. Why is the steel trap still in general hunter tree? It should be SV hunter only talent as well improved trapping. These two should be SV hunter only talents period. No discussion there

P.S and I can’t comprehend why do we have ranger? A 2 point talent that literally steals 2 points from SV hunter?

I think Ranger is to reinforce the ranged/dot capability of surv.


I know but why? Why is there need to reinforce ranged play style after you take it away? It was ranged spec, then they changed it to melee (which caused some people here to start crusade and post same links over and over to prove it was the most popular spec of all times), and now they wanna keep it melee but buff ranged abilities? Doesn’t make sense to me :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Im not huge proponent of 100% range or 100% melee. Being combat effective at range or melee is what I personally enjoy about.


So basically what they’re trying to say is “ we don’t know what to do or what talent to create , so we will just buff some ranged damage” just in case someone decides to use arcane shot once in while.

It’s like giving MM hunters damage to raptor strike just in case you know

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Wouldn’t it be great if improved trapping increased the radius of Tar Trap back to 10 yards? One can dream…

But it’s kinda neither in DF. I would LOVE seemless transition between the two. The problem for me is I really dont like the pocket crossbow. It strikes me as an acknowledgement by Blizzard that fundamental Hunter functionality can’t be attained without some form of ranged weapon, and since melee weapons were nixed in Cata, you don’t have slots for both.

They could have gone the traps/grenadier route, with a ranged slow from a thrown bola, and expanded trap repertoire with caltrops and pungee sticks and yada yada, but there was, as near as I can tell, as little thought as possible put into the original and subsequent development of MSV. Always feels like “Hey, this is an ability that used to exist, lets just cram it in here because Survival.” It’s just a pile of bad decisions on worse decisions.


I hate to be the one to tell you this but hunters have had melee abilities since classic bro.


yup we know. we been here since beta. but here is something you didnt know. it was because there used to be a dead zone for hunters. where if an enemy player or mob got to close in on you then you could not used your ranged abilities. theses melee abilities you speak of were only there to hit for some small damage and disengage out. mainly a quick raptor strike and a wing clip.

nice attempt at trying to be smart but we are real og hunters that know the class inside and out and whats best for the class.

you can go back and sit in your corner now while we try to shakes blizzards head straight about whats best for the class. later.


Yeah im well aware of that stuff dude. Your pleas arent reaching anyone as devs arent exactly present on this forum. Even less likely to listen to a goober like you who cant critique something they dont like without throwing fifty insults at it. Also really sure you know it inside and out posting on your level 27. Im not one to armory shame but i have a feeling your opinion really isnt worth more than anyone elses.


I always find it ironic when the rsv only derps come into msv threads and try to cite things about old incarnations of surv as only ranged ,etc. But in the vanilla wow, the survival tree had melee combat talents with the intent giving surv players melee combat efficiency.

Granted I joined in cata but playing hunter in classic has really opened my eyes to how silly a lot of these posters claims are. Theyre very emotional about a wod spec i guess.

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This is false. Melee talents were there for getting back to range, or to briefly punish someone with a chonky RS crit and then GTFO. Never was there a time prior to MSV that staying in melee range was beneficial, let alone encouraged. I’m indifferent to MSV at this point, but the MSV stans need to pull their heads out of their revisionist history with this talking point. It just isn’t true.


this toon is older than you and your entires guilds accounts combined. this toon was my main up until bc ended. then i turned him into my level 70 twink. would you like for me to explain in detail the meaning of all that for you. anyway your thoughts on the hunter class are pointless words of drivel. let the real hunters continue to guide blizzard to success because the ones that took over obviously failed but the rest of us og’s can help them if they can swallow their pride long enough to listen.


Let me explain to you slowly so you can understand.

Beast master as the name suggest someone who controls beast. Someone who uses beasts or companions to do his dirty work

Marksman someone who uses ranged weapons to snipe down foes or pray from long distance without engaging in combat

Survival person who survives in jars environment by using minimal l resources. Uses handcrafted traps to hunt food, hand made weapon for defense and 90% of time that weapon is handmade spear.

So you definition and vision of specs as mummify as you claim you have years of experience, it’s kinda blend and doesn’t bring some good arguments.

You have two specs to play with if you can’t play melee class, so hating on the third one for personal respawns will just make you as a troll like it did to Beppels.

Beastmaster was the animal companion spec prior to msv stealing that theme from them in legion.


Ur weird dude

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That’s true. But as a BM all your damage is coming from your pet. While survival damage is shared.

As well as BM you don’t have to be close to target , as a survival you have fight side by side with your pet.

I still don’t get why they gave us Kill command, it does fit class fantasy as much we flanking strike does.

blizzard definition. not mine. before you jump on here rambling clueless information why dont you look up beastlord darmac and rexxar. BOTH BEAST MASTER MELEE HUNTERS.

please research before you make nonsense spew from your chops.

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