Survival hunters

You’re so triggered you didn’t even read my first comment correctly.

“I have been away for 5 months”

You also must know how to check account achievements. Like everyone else who throws that argument around.

“You only have 110 honorable kills”

PVP is survivals strong point according to everyone whining. So, do you have a valid argument or just a fit? Or are you just going to change your argument because someone told you something you didn’t like?

Naive and out of touch is just following a guide and not being able to play a game and make your own decisions on what best suits you. AGAIN another person who epitomizes the issue with these class forums… YOU dont LEARN how to play YOURSELF and rely on a GUIDE that is made by someone who MOST LIKELY doesn’t MAIN the spec and then takes it as a END all because you need SOMEONE ELSE to tell you what to do and hold your hand because people are too lazy to figure out something on their own. That guy hasn’t touched survival since he wrote that. And as with all icy-veins guides, anyone who disagrees in the comments and forums is just shot down because “Simcraft said so”. If a guide produces a poor performance, shouldn’t you try something else? No? Ahh yes, must just be Blizzards fault.

Then the only argument any of you have is to point out I had to take a hiatus from the game. “yOu HaVeNt DoNe EnD CoNtEnT yEt” Yeah, well some people have a real world to tend to, that argument is so ridiculously invalid.

Bravo, well done. -Slow clap- CLEARLY you are all auto right because of that nonsensical default response when you have nothing else to say.

Say something relevant, please.

That’s a lot of text just to be wrong.


That’s an impressive opinion forced just to have the last word.

Just spittin facts, not looking to win awards. We’ve been around. You have not. You talk about relevant, but you are the least relevant part of this entire game because you haven’t even been here.


Again, spitting silly responses just because someone said something you didn’t like. The only thing you are spitting is fecal matter from your fingers.

So, I guess while their post could have been worded better, I still think they have a valid point. I think liking the spec and all is cool, but I think objectively it’s in a really bad spot. It’s dead last for raiding and has been for the entirety of shadowlands, it has the lowest representation in the game, and its only strong point right now is AOE in M+. Which there are still better classes for but figured noting its strength there is still important for context for Survival’s overall position.

Coming in and claiming it’s one of the best and that others just aren’t playing well comes across as condescending and uninformed about how it currently is. I think it does a disservice to the spec since I think if we want to improve it, we have to first acknowledge its current failings,

Right now the spec has some of the worst single target in the game. In PVP it struggles right now against higher rated teams due to the pet being the source for the hunter’s focus via kill command, the four second rez is too punishing (to be fair, this is also really problematic for BM hunters though they haven’t been quite as bad off). And it has issues as far as community perception goes due to a multitude of reasons. If you stick around, you’ll probably get an inkling of what I’m talking about here on the forums anyway haha.

I’m not here to attack you of course, but I think a lot of people don’t appreciate being told the spec is great when it’s not right now and that they just don’t know how to play well.


Alllll of this.

Not to mention you (as in the 160 ilvl noob) don’t even play the game! He’s not here to attack you because he’s a stand up guy. The rest of us just aren’t afraid to tell you that you are wrong and sound ignorant.


Again, valid response and worthwhile to answer. I didn’t start that until they (As they have one these forums since I started playing this game long time ago) got toxic as sin simply because someone said something they didn’t agree with -shrug- Toxic responses get toxic responses. Now, having a discussion about someones opinion is great, yes I stated an opinion, temper tantrums though… Nah, I’m good on that. Had someone said as you did, would have been fine. Nah, they wanna get big mad. Which is fine, I can play along.

Ilvl 172 (Obvious sarcasm because you wont let that invalid argument go). And be careful calling the noob when the person whom are calling has a stamp by their profile with more achievements. Your first achievement was in 2015… Noob. All of your forum post are complaints and you expect me to take folks like yourself serious. You wanna have a discussion have a discussion, don’t throw a temper tantrum because someone said something you didn’t agree with.

I was going to post a super long and detailed response to this, as I usually do, but I figured it would do just as well to post this:

This is how far “figure out what’s best for yourself!” got you: a single clear of a raid in which you were consistently below average. You also cleared Ny’alothah but given you failed to outdamage the tanks in that one I figured it was more fair to you to link your one other raid clear.

As it turns out, we are all on the same playing field and the guides evidently know more about it than you do. If you think I’m wrong for following a guide, feel free to critique my logs.

P.S. There is the Trueshot Lodge discord in which raiding Survival Hunters discuss the spec and how to perform well at it. And they all follow the Icy Veins guide. “Don’t follow guides!” is the calling card of inexperienced and self-centred players.


Congrats! You got a few upgrades since the thread started!

Cool you haven’t played this expansion you gotta catch up. Not sure if you know but people lost Azerite traits and corruption so dps numbers have shifted drastically. Kinda happens when borrowed power is a thing.

You wanna talk about invalid arguments? This is one. What does an achievement have to do with dps?

Yeah my valid argument is that you haven’t experienced it yourself and are claiming to be an expert lmao.

You sound like you’d give the McDonalds worker a hard time cause the ice cream machines broken.

You keep using the word invalid a lot I don’t think it means what you think it means.

Stop showing everyone that Mchunt parses better than me!


To Icy Veins credit, the guides always say to sim yourself, so they arent meant to be applied like a cookie cutter.

no you are an idiot, i have been play sv/ bm since … oh i dunno Lich king… before that was shaman and yes i have been sitting this expansion out mostly till now, regret buying it seeing the story line thus far sucks, catch up is easy peasy and i went to bm on this huntard cause y’all spend to much time on iceyviens and wowhead with cookie cutter stats and cookie cutter what ever, seeing how bm stats and SV stats are identical thus far i will gear up for the bm and get a pole arm for SV once this toon can take a hit, but hey thanks for playing karen type peeps. way to many iceyvien cookie cutter karens on here.

Aaaaaand these are the posts that keep me out of the Hunter forums. Icey, Wowhead, and other guides and youtube channels are just that. A guide. You need to learn the spec for yourself. Also for the content that you will do.

People are talking in this thread like only SV is subpar. Last I bothered to check, ALL of the hunter specs need some help. But again, I’ll jump in and enjoy getting Axe geared up. My time is limited these days, so I rather play then argue about why I am playing a class/spec that I am paying for.

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If guides are written by people who don’t play the spec (like wowhead), sure. But icy veins guide was built and rebuilt and rewritten many times based on discoveries and discussions made by many players on SV discord, it is the most accurate info you can find on the spec and no ammount of your feelcraft will change that


Talent wise the icyviens guide is a whole mess, there a few builds for SV and honestly you have much more room to play around with talents than other hunter specs.

For example, Hydra’s bite is actually really strong in Mythic + unless everything is dying in seconds, so the talent only gets stronger the higher the keys you push as it makes spreading serpent very easy.

TBH every SV hunter talent row has at least 2 viable options so there is a lot of room to play around with it.

With that being said, people who recommend stuff like:

They need to be stopped and cancelled.

This is not a dps fix and yes i will fight you on that. Even if you were running a Mongoose heavy build you would still want to apply serpent sting outside of your mongoose bite windows, Serpent sting benefits from our mastery just as much as mongoose bite, the only time you can StOp UsInG SeRpEnT sTiNg is maybe in open world questing, this recommendation will ruin someones dps in a mythic plus setting or a raid environment.

If you are running the BOP build with vipers venom then yes you can forget about serpent sting until the free procs happen, but you are still using serpent sting.

Wait there’s some more lowbie folks coming to the rescue here?

LOL this is the most comical thread

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Your getting attacked because everything you said is wrong. Icey veins guide were written by azortharion hes played a hunter for ever. Also your acting like some surv expert but you’ve barely played shadowlands

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Wow, where do I start. Firstly taking advise from a hunter in blue gear is laughable. Secondly looking at my surv pvp set and telling me to “drop verse for crit” is equally laughable and a bit sad that you didn’t realize it was a PVP set…And don’t come at me with these “icy veins” comments, Ive been playing and Theorycrafting hunter since wotlk. Ive literally written guides you’ve prob read (assuming you’ve been around long enough). And no I do not raid as surv because my guild has no more melee spots, and if they did a surv hunter would be at the bottom of that list. I enjoy the spec in pvp, I enjoy it in M+ but don’t mistake the truth I stated for “whining” just pointing out the reality’s of the spec.

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