Survival hunters

I think they need to he more like qhira from Hots. More healing from damage done. More of a risk reward system. Currently they are just terrible.

No matter what you put them in, why even be survival hunter. Like, ever?

This is my thought for pvp, could be cool, more enemies that are dotted, you get more leech. Just a thought

Survival is awesome, what are you talking about?


uh ok, i no understand what you saying, SV is fun and i have no issues unless i try and take on more that 4-5 mobs, for pvp i dunno what ya talking about either. maybe learn the class first ?

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I hate to break it to you, but a) fighting mobs out in the world is generally not the type of content people look at when judging a spec’s performance, and b) having issues beyond 4-5 mobs doesn’t say great things about the spec. You’re not in a position to attack others for not knowing the class.


i fully understand the spec, as for attacking anyone, please do tell where i did that? i hate to break it to you , maybe you should sit this one out eh?

Don’t play dumb.


You are literally 167. Apparently you are sitting the expansion out.


I think his level of engagement was demonstrated by how it took him 3 months to respond.


You cant be serious… Our self healing is insane as is. And if you are struggling with DPS stop using Serpent sting all together, take mongoose bite. Extra Mongoose bites>Serpent sting. If anything at all needs buffed it’s that, serpent sting. That’s it. Other than that, I cannot understand how you have come to this opinion. Just getting serious into the game again after 5 months of being away, and can say without a doubt, this is one of the best class/spec combos in game.

You can’t seriously believe Survival is all fine and dandy aside from Serpent Sting’s damage…


this is one of the best class/spec combos In terms of what? because if you mean dps,?wrong. mobility? wrong. Burst? wrong. Because you like playing it? probably.

Been playing it since legion, yep.

Get off of Icy veins and actually learn how to play the game. Stack the right stats too. Drop versatility for crit, you’ll thank me later. Looking at your profile, you are the epitome of what is wrong with this game. You go step by step what a guide tells you from someone who probably doesn’t even main the spec, tested it for a few days, used sim craft and then never looked again. Meanwhile, you do not actually learn how to play the spec properly, then come to the forums to whine.

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If we’re looking at logs or representation, SV definitely seems like it needs help. There’s nothing wrong with people wanting to help it perform better.


This is a valid response, and I can appreciate where you come from. I don’t agree, but we can agree to disagree

This is a childish and invalid response.

For me all SV problems are in visuals, rather than the mechanics.

I really hope this character is not the character your basing your opinions on. This character has not done any endgame content and you only have 110 honorable kills. Leveling up as survival is great and a lot of fun but I doesn’t reflect endgame content at all. The people actually playing the game are the ones representing logs and statistics and those numbers are very low.

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Sweet another 160 Sv hunter trying to tell the folks that actually play the expansion about a class

Here we go again


How can you possibly be this naive and out of touch? Those guides are far more researched and peer-reviewed than any of your personal “research” can hope to be. As others have pointed out, you’re posting from a toon that’s done pretty much nothing at all yet you have the gall to pretend you’re some sort of guru that knows more than class guides and discords? Give me a break.