Survival Hunters and Survivability

Why do they have such bad Damage Reduction Options, Self-Healing Options, and their Pets are absolute garbage at holding threat in solo play if you pull more than 1 Mob?

Did Blizzard forget that these guys have to be in Melee?

So why do they share about the same mitigation/healing as their Ranged versions? BM Hunter being Ranged is automatically way better damage mitigation as they can avoid so many mechanics due to that Range and being able to Cast on the Move.


I actually like having my Mag’har being melee with their pet. It’s just Blizzard never actually designed the spec to be good at melee or actually Survive.

Then I go back to old content and my Harpoon talent doesn’t even work on old content because Blizzard hates the spec that much.

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I want a melee Hunter spec option though. It’s what fits my Mag’har theme.


huh? harpoon works on everything?

sounds like a cool theme! is it frostwolf or something else :smiley:

Harpoon is supposed to reset when you get the killing blow.

It doesn’t work in old content due to enemies being grey. Nowhere is this condition said in the tooltip.

Yes, it’s Frostwolf. He looks rad. I wanna take him all the way through WoD now that I hit 70 on him.


The reset is a talent node and it does state that the death must yield experience or honor to reset. Rules of engagement, I think it’s called? I believe this is the same for death grip.

To your main point though, you can’t just ZUG like warriors or paladins. Even though you’re mostly melee doesn’t mean you’re immortal… Try using more of your kit. Ice trap and tar trap, scatter shot, eagle, etc. The spec was really made to shine in PvP so you kinda have to play like that in PvE (unless you have a level or gear advantage). You have extra length on melee attacks, too, so you can kite some (if you keep em slowed).

And lastly, don’t engage with bepples. He shows up in EVERY SV thread to derail it. Blizzard broke him almost a decade ago with the spec redesign. It’s very tragic but he’s beyond repair.


They’re a melee spec. The ranged version shouldn’t be better at surviving than them.

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Range has always been easier to survive…

I’ve played quite a few melee specs in my time and I feel that our survivability is fine, could it be better? For sure. I’d like to see greater CD reduction and potentially some more abilities base line to feed those points elsewhere.

I do agree with other posters, a big part of our survivability is using the whole toolkit and being super mobile. If you’re not constantly thinking about positioning and watching for interrupts, stuns etc… then you’re going to get burned.

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well, technically they’re not “better”, as SV gets the most use out of Preadtor’s Thirst than BM (doesnt work with pets)/MM (doesnt generally use the pet)

but for open world things I’ve really never seen a problem? what are you noticing on your end

So did we on the forums but its still here

Currently there isn’t a dev that works only on hunters like other classes have it. They have other devs just filling in the spot when needed to fix some bugs, and to slap hunters with X% damage buff when they see that their meta slaves and try hard basement dwellers (streamers, world first raiders, high key runners ) are not picking them.

BM is picked simply because its most mobile and by far easiest spec in game. Damage wise meh

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This isn’t true though for example the dh and rogue dev is the same guy.

I didn’t say its 100% right. I was being sarcastic XD

The designers did go really hard with melee Survival in Legion; however, players complained that it was too much, and wanted to be able to move out of combat.

Then Blizzard redesigned the whole spec again gutting it down to two melee abilities and keeping more range abilities. Even left Aspect of the Eagle just so when it needs to go to full range again.

It an obvious give away that Blizzard didn’t think about that Hunters were designed for range combat, and don’t have best defense against melee.

Survival Hunter needs all of that extra mobility cause it not designed for straightforward melee. You want to stay moving if you want survive.

huh? straightforward melee works great on it lol, just like enhancement or unholy :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t want stand alone in the face of your enemy. Survival Hunters are best at ducking out. There’s always something on the ground or big hit coming, and you don’t want to stand in it.

Survival is a hybrid of melee and range with stronger emphasis on range abilities. You can do most of the damage from afar before engaging.

Well no, not most of the damage, because Mongoose Bite does a large portion of our damage. :+1: Not to mention, Eagle does not have a super high uptime.

Yes, like most other mDPS we can move while we doing our rotation, so ground mechanics aren’t really a huge worry, especially with Lunge.

I send my pet and then throw out my grenades even before using harpoon. By then most stuff is dead before using Mongoose.

I don’t even having it talented for M+ cause nothing up long enough for maximum damage.

Survival is better designed for getting out and still having it have little effect on their damage output. Survival is much better than other melee for mobility.

It’s a very flexible class, that’s true. Rogue is also very mobile with acrobatic strikes, shadowstep, and potentially grapping hook, as well as a very low CD on Sprint.

Raptor Strike also is a lot of damage and if you aren’t in melee using Butchery/Raptor Strike you’re missing out on damage, WFB CDR, and further WFB CDR through the 4pc :smiley:


The mobs and Bosses are throwing out a lot of aoe or big slaps, and a build based on getting a hard strike and stronger AoE is good choice.

I jump in do some good damage and move away to avoid damage, but still hit hard with range.