Survival Hunter

You could play that way as well. I love how you guys are trying to put everything into a box…

When it comes down to it, Survival enhanced a hunters melee capabilities… and I don’t see it has unreasonable saying it was a melee spec.

It was also a range spec too… but that was how dynamic vanilla talents and classes were.

It doesn’t really matter what you or I think in the end… melee hunters existed and were a thing in Vanilla whether you like it or not… that is a fact.


Trying to make melee hunters a thing is like trying to make wand casters a thing.


Vanilla was home to many diverse classes and specs, one of which, unquestionably, was the melee Hunter.

Just because you personally don’t want a Melee Hunter, doesn’t mean that Melee Hunters weren’t, or that they shouldn’t be a thing. They definitely were, and many times were played as such.

Having different and diverse specs, is part of what made Vanilla so great. Homogenizing all Hunter trees into ranged trees is not fun and goes against everything that Vanilla is about, and destroys the original gameplay diversity of Classic.

For example, many of us are here in part because of the rampant homogenization of all classes on live. In live, for example, in PvP, all classes have the same tools; escape, movement ability and so on. In Vanilla most classes are(or in Survival’s case, used to be) unique.

Asking Hunters to be melee is perfectly in line with what Vanilla is all about. If you want to homogenize all classes like late Vanilla and other expansions did, you’re better off playing live.


[citation needed]


I’ll definitely have to agree here that survival wasn’t a dedicated hunter melee tree, but it made it so you could do range/melee equally average. Raptor strike actually could hit very hard where it was in line with an arms warrior special attack.

You couldn’t sit there realistically and ditch range completely in survival and think you weren’t missing anything, but it could easily give people a run for their money, so to speak. And casters? Hunters could eat through them in melee.

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My thoughts exactly. The Survival tree allowed you to, well, survive in melee range much better. You have improved wing clip, entrapment, raptor strike critting more often, Deterrence, Counterattack, more stamina and other things. All of these tools made you much better in melee and allowed you to get people out of your melee range, either through multiple snare options or by scaring casters off with a huge raptor strike crit.

Survival boosts your melee capabilities and makes your melee range less of a weakness. It isn’t a melee tree, it’s the Survival tree.


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


So does BM? You know, the Hunter specs make the Hunter class play like a Hunter.

Yes there is. Survival spec wasn’t a strong, or even mediocre, melee spec. You seem to be under the impression that Classic specs were treated like Retail specs when they are not. Each spec isn’t it’s own “class”, it’s just a focus. The core the class is the same over all 3 specs.

No, it’s not. Well, I guess they could have been around but no one took any of them seriously because it was a joke idea. I actually used to melee on a hunter for S&G’s and… it was garbage. It was like people doing a DW MS warrior; yeah you COULD do it, but it sure wasn’t a good idea.

It’s exactly this. It’s a tree that shores up a weakness, it doesn’t flip the class over and neuter ranged option to bring melee damage to the fore. The class is still a ranged combat class, no matter where, or even if, you use your talent points.


Survival isnt about being melee dps. Infact savage strike is the only thing actually targeted at melee dps. Everything else is either overall dps or defensive talents. Counterstrike is used for the root and so is improved wing clip. Infact id imagine in its current form savage strikes is the stand out.

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Maybe that’s why it was called “survival” and not “kill them faster”.

At least they didn’t name it “melee”! :laughing:

Only time i even remember melee hunters was nightfall hunters.


While the original Survival tree had some more melee stuff in it than the post-revamp one, I’d argue Survival was more of a tree about control and defense than anything else.

Even pre-revamp it has things like improved traps, rooting on all traps, roots on Wing Clip, increased dodge and parry, Deterrence, and Counter-Attack.

The revamp focused the tree more into that area than it did melee DPS, which was always considered a weak aspect of the Hunter class to begin with.


exceptional means “good”. every other spec will deal with melees better than survival.

survival was never meant as a melee tree, it was meant as a CC focused/escape tree.

tranq shot doesn’t do anything in pvp, and wyvern sting is a 12 second incap which lets you run from anyone on their way to gank you. if the requirement for the target to be OOC wasn’t there, it’d actually be a decent pvp talent instead of an okay one.

learn your class


well…im glad that 6+ other people got what i was getting at. lol just went over your head.

not a melee spec in vanilla> a melee spec in retail> comes to vanilla forums and asks/demands for a melee spec

i know your trolling but for the people who might NOT know any better- i want to clear something up here;

ranged classes had only a few melee abilities- ONLY in case of close ranged combat. this was not their ‘spec’ but off abilities that could be used in a ‘needed’ basis. its like comparing a lock’s ability to auto attack with a staff, to their actual class abilities and claiming they are the same thing. they arent.

please dont ever come near classic.

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So I agreed with you and you can’t figure that out? And it went over my head, sure.

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uh—no you didnt.

you corrected something i never even said lol.

Patch 1.12 Survival looks very cool. Saying it “has no point” is like saying there’s no point to there being more than one rogue spec, since all three are dual-wielding melee damage.

Tranquilizing Shot dispels some raid bosses’ enrage; that’s what it does, and you also need a drop from Molten Core to even learn it. If you’re thinking in Modern enough terms to be under the impression it does all the stuff they loaded onto it sometime in the WotLK/Cataclysm time-frame, you’re not nearly clear enough on what was and wasn’t in Classic to be talking rather than listening.

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Whatever helps you sleep at night, sunshine.