Survival and Pre-Patch PTR

Seems the best single target build is back to spamming mongoose bite. At this point it is time to scrap it. The last time that was the go to build it was the least played spec in the game by a wide margin.

How did we get back here? How is that possible?

Maybe things shake out different when DF goes live but I’m not sure how it could.

Thoughts? Am I missing something?


Nope. Blizz announced it today. Only tuning. Surv ded

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Have a link to that per chance? I can’t find it.


Originally Posted by Blizzard

We feel it would be useful to let everyone know where we are in the development of Dragonflight classes and talent design. With the next Beta/PTR build, we’re transitioning away from spending the majority of our time on the design iteration of the new talent trees, and we’re now primarily focused on fixing bugs and tuning the game. This includes balancing talent choices against each other and tuning the throughput of each class. We want to ensure that we release an expansion of the highest quality for this incredible community.

That being said, the new talent systems constitute a tremendous change to the game and represent a fundamental overhaul to how classes and specializations are customized by players. It is our expectation that we will be making adjustments based on your feedback throughout the expansion’s lifetime. We greatly appreciate all of your testing and feedback thus far, and we’re looking forward to delivering improvements to all of the talent trees in content updates throughout Dragonflight

Pretty much Survival got taken away good damage it had in SL (let’s hope tier sets will bring something amazing) , and it was scraped to few choices that are not so great. It won’t have best AOE damage which it should, neither good single target.

I mean they not only took away serpent sting as being baseline but they also added in talents that make it have so much up time passively that you barely cast st and only during cleave will you even bother.

If they fix phermone bomb fury of the eagle could be more rotational seeing how its cd is reduce by 3 sec on ever kc reset but since its broken im not sure how well it will work.

Turbo yikes. Have we even figured out what SV’s identity is yet? What’s the theme?


Many of us have fought continuously against the Alpha testers and white knighters in hopes of gaining some sort of surv identity, cohensiveness in the tree, and a more fun playstyle that will bring players to surv, not just keep the 10 that are still here.
None of our words were heeded. Our countless posts were never forwarded to blizz in either alpha or beta. We kept saying “hey this needs fixed now” but they didnt listen. They didnt listen because to them, the very select few, surv can be manipulated to achieve some sort of goal. It was fun to THEM.
Now surv is screwed for another xpac. This is a prime example of why the game will never be any better because the same failed people get into the testing for the next xpacs and keep things how they are.


We have one build that is focused around bombs. Unfortunately there is really nothing there other than reduced cool downs. No cool interactions or ways to boost their damage outside of the talents.

Then we have the good ol spam mongoose build. It is just like it was outside of the interaction with spear head which just makes them cheaper and adds a bleed. I’m sure it will be effective in single target but it isn’t fun, at all. As is witnessed by the last time that was the build when almost no one played it.

There is still absolutely no reason to use SV in a melee spot in a raid or mythic plus.

At least nothing I can see as a basic aotc raider.

Keep in mind my testing is only ptr testing as I don’t have a beta key. I could be wrong. There isn’t much SV content out there to watch.

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Don’t really know much about survival, but are they scrapping the tier set playstyle with mad bombardier procs?



Yes bc the white knighters qqed about it not being ReXxAr enough.

Even though the only reason why surv was any yood was bc of them and if you take them away on the ptr you get exactly what you would expect… trash.

Yea they till remove but SV should still have decent AOE, and will still be a good spec for M+, you will have option to change talents easy for ST and AOE. For leveling it was always good regardless of tier sets. Just ignore these players who hate everyone who has positive opinion about SV hunter. They don’t like it so everyone else should do the same. Based on their logic


First at all you doing the wrong questions here: “How we got back to Mongoose Bite?” and what about “How be become a mad bombardier?”
MSV born with Mongoose Bite style in Legion and im glad we are back on track on this sense.
So the real question is: Mongoose Bite style would give us some competitive ST for Raids/Dungeons? And it looks will do. The tricky part is combine MB with a good AoE dps. But there are powers on the tree that could help SV reach a decent dps and balance.
Problem with SV for next expansion is that the dps chain is not flowing right as other classes. It feels clunky and ackward combining some options like Spearhead. This needs to be improved asap.
Having more attack options and get back to MB + FoE style… yeah sign me up for SV next expansion. Sold.


Good point. Can be improved but it’s in solid state


Mad Bombardier just turned the spec into something just as one-note as DF single-target Survival, for which no one has said “this is totally fine.” Mad Bombardier was not well designed. At all.

If it at least procced off of Focus spenders instead of your Focus generator, it’d at least not turn our core resource into a walking contradiction, but alas call something Blizzard designed crap that you nonetheless like and and will defend to the last breath and somehow that complaint is the “white knighting”?


This. Though single target is a bit painfully dull at the moment despite MB, the biggest issue is its complete lack of crossover from MB and other ST gameplay-augmentors into AoE (and vice versa, which FotE dealing increased damage to and gaining increased CDR from its primarily target could help solve).

Same. Choice is good. Said choices just need to be improved upon.


Wait, what?

No. We don’t like it because its an absolute horrific spec with even worse tree. This has nothing to do with whether we personally like it or not.
These criticisms are not one-sided or slim by any means. There are countless videos of well known people and overall a large number of the hunter playerbase that has come out and said surv and its tree is complete garbage.
When the trees first launched it took surv’s tree less than 24 hours to become the meme spec and its been that way throughout testing.

So say what you want, but theres a reason that surv hardly gets recognized for changes, and thats bc its DOA and anyone who has played it on either beta or ptr can confirm this.

The mad bombardier playstyle was problematic and encouraged serious mismanagement of resources but people overlooked this because of the numbers.

I for one am not sad its gone and if it ever tries to come back they need to make it a lot better.


So what? You forget one thing: blizz wasnt aiming for a good tier set, they were aiming for an overpowered tier set. They were getting people to play the spec, thats it, and the only way blizz can do that is if they overtune surv.