"Super Squirt" Day - June 17th

Nab any of those pets you want to powerlevel to 25 so you’re ready on Wednesday!


Thanks for the heads up.

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As an add-on to this, Xu’Fu’s now has a Leveling Opportunities widget on the home page that updates daily based on fights found in the powerleveling guide. It includes Squirt dates by region, and allows you to add the ‘event’ to your Google calendar. :smile:

If you use this widget/feature and encounter any issues, please let us know!

Thats weird right now its showing Kromli as being the current battle but its Hanos. I’m probably doing something wrong.

At least I didn’t miss it. Been waiting to try to level 400 pets up.

400 pets, your looking at 8 hours minimum! I usually do ~100 on Super Squirt days and that is typically 2 hours

Does anyone know the date of the next Squirt after today? Is there an updated table of dates after June?

Squirt appears in the garrison every 15 days. So she’ll be back July 2, 2020.

But for Super Squirt – I think it will be some time in November 2020 when the Pet Battle Bonus Week + Squirt align for NA and Oceanic. Unsure about EU.

EU will be August & September

NA will be November & December

(As long as nothing goes weird from 9.0)

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Well after 5 straight hours of leveling pets I’m a bit glad that its in November.


Thank you kindly for the respones! :slight_smile:
I wonder if the 5 weeks of timewalking will be in addition to the normal weekly schedule, or replace it?

I’m glad to see the pb community helping each other out with this stuff but

why do some people feel the need to level hundreds of pets to 25 at once?

There are various reasons. Level up different breeds for certain fights, to sell max level cageable pets, completion-ism to have your entire collection at max level, and so on. I’m sure many battlers are leveling their pets steadily throughout the year, but Super Squirt days are just the most efficient to get a large number leveled relatively quickly.