Sunwell Testing Closing April 28

That’s not the purpose of a PTR.

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Regardless of the purpose that is exactly how it is used. Time to get the head out of the sand and understand that reality is often different from intentions.

The reality is that they took the PTR down, even though some intended to use it as a test run for competition.


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Some did get to use it. Specifically, those that have raid days on Friday-Sun. If you have raid days Mon-Thur then you probably had a lot more trouble getting that practice. Now, this could be planned for with even a modicum of communication. “Hey guys PTR is coming up next week on Friday @6:00 est.” Is that too much to ask? And whats the downside? They get a higher population of more organized groups to test their broken stuff.

Even this weekend, we can scour precedent and say, well PTR was up on a Friday-Sun Schedule as recently as BT but it was only up two weekends with communication of full closure only after it ended. So tonight we need to plan that it will be up. The whole of our guild will have to nix plans for the weekend in the hopes that it stays to that precedent. But due to this teams track record on communication were just left to plan for ifs and maybes.

We could ofc choose not to do this, but if other guilds are doing this then we are behind when the live game comes out. Progression becomes slower and recruitment becomes harder. From the perspective of guild leadership, this is incredibly frustrating. From the perspective of a casual raider along for the ride or from someone not interested in the competitive aspect of the game then you wouldn’t have a real reason to care and that’s fine. But that doesn’t mean people that do care, shouldn’t.

Edit: Not up tonight, last tiers precedent fails. Shocking.


PTR ruins the game, just like the above poster said ptr is being used as practice. The ptr for naxx was perfect.

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A few days after we closed the Sunwell Plateau on the PTR, it re-opened and we decided to leave it open for a bit longer. But we really do have all of the data we need from the PTR so we’re closing Sunwell Plateau tomorrow (April 28) at Noon PDT (3:00 p.m. EDT).

clown company clown devs


Can you guys PLEASE communicate with the classic playerbase like adults? Why is it so difficult to announce a PTR schedule? Like BEFORE it goes up or down or launches?

Are you not allowed to announce these things? Why?

My only guess at this point is you guys have one piece of server hardware you’re passing around for different uses and it gets pulled away immediately if needed for something else.


Kaivax, can we get a clear answer on why this stuff isn’t communicated with more notice? It’s like pulling teeth planning for this stuff around live content schedules as well. We honestly deserve and expect more from community management than what we’re getting.


Wow, how are so many people upset that they missed out on an opportunity to bug test a raid. It’s almost like… there’s a lot of entitlement in this community.


Why cant you post dates PTR will be up? My guild has been trying to plan a date to get on PTR to do it that would work for our raid group and both times you took it down before Thursday. This is awful.


Oh please leave it up over this coming weekend - I’m SURE there is a bug I forget to report >.>

Why do you think you deserve a chance to bug test a raid. You’re just mad that you didn’t get an opportunity to practice SWP before it releases. How entitled can you be? Its not for practice its for testing.

And quite frankly, if your guild was unable to coordinate putting a run together in the ample time the content was available then there’s 0 chance you are getting past Felmyst week 1 anyway…


The PTR is to find bugs and ensure that everything is running smoothly when the patch drops. It’s not intended to be a practice server. It’s better they are not leaving it up because it will make guilds practice and progress the real way.


LOL, you think the PTR is up for your convenience? Bless your heart.

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Why you so mean?


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I feel like the Classic team makes decisions solely based on some 84 IQ staff member that starts sentences with “so what if we like…?”

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Yes, considering it exists for testing outside of paid testers, it’s literally up at the convenience of the playerbase.

Of course this is under the assumption that the value of the PTR is feedback from the playerbase, but it increasingly looks like it’s just a bunch of stupid zoomers that have no idea what they are doing, so they just emulate what the previous staff did, so they can keep collecting a paycheck for as long as possible before someone catches on they really only have the skillset to work at an Arby’s.

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Thanks for the testing time Blizz.

Any word on whether we’ll be getting the time gating of the later boss unlocks when you push this live?

Sunwell about 2 weeks after season ends prob?