Sunwell Testing Closing April 28

Later today, we’ll conclude the current Sunwell test on the 2.5.4 PTR.


A few days after we closed the Sunwell Plateau on the PTR, it re-opened and we decided to leave it open for a bit longer. But we really do have all of the data we need from the PTR so we’re closing Sunwell Plateau tomorrow (April 28) at Noon PDT (3:00 p.m. EDT).

We got a lot of great data over the weekend, so thank you very much!


that kinda sucks


im gonna spit


clown company


this makes me sad

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In the future would be great to have some sort of indication of how long you intend to keep PTR open so that guilds can plan around this and are on a more equal playing field when it comes to competitive progression.


Rip to all the guilds that couldn’t get a full guild raid together over a EASTER HOLIDAY Weekend. Oh well, should be fun on release night :smiley:


Would have been idea to have heads up when PTR was coming up, how long it would be up for… also not having it come up randomly on a holiday weekend.

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Please announce this stuff in advance so we can plan, thank you.


you guys really just had ptr up over easter weekend
what a joke

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Should be fun though if guilds don’t get weeks and weeks to practice “progression” on PTR. I mean… timing is a bit odd, over Easter weekend, but still.

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The more serious ones will just use a private testing server more than likely.

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this doesn’t happen

Jesus Christ. This is like the third time in a row we’ve not gotten to do PTR because it just appears with no notice and disappears the very day we were going to do it. Like… you realize people make plans to play these at the cost of real life plans? Like why not just be transparent? Y’all know that despite FF14 being a much worse game their transparency is one of the main reasons people actually like Square? Right?


anyone that argues that this is good for the game because people “don’t get weeks and weeks to practice “progression” on PTR”
clearly has no idea what goes on at the top level of this game.
forcing everyone to edit the crappy code of random pservers because blizzard cant run a testing session with any competency at all is just Blizzard being a d*k. Nothing changes. We just have to put in more hours to be ready.

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Please leave PTR up until reset Tuesday. This is a shame!

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PTR should be left up for 1 more day. Not giving players any time table is very frustrating… leave it up until the weekly reset

My guild was planning on using our raid day Wednesday to get in and test out the raid. Pretty hard to get 25 adults together spur of the moment (esp on a weekend let alone a holiday weekend), need to schedule it.

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Uh what???

Can we at least get a time?? Was gonna run through it tonight. Would really be nice to be able to plan anything :slight_smile: