Sunwell Locked - Eranikus

When anyone tries to enter Sunwell on Eranikus, they get this message: “This raid is not yet available.”

Guilds still raiding Sunwell want to make the transfer but can’t until this is fixed.

HELP please thanks

Bump - it is effecting server health and transfers.

We’ll get this resolved shortly. Apologies!


AQ is not accessible either. Wanted to finish off the aq20 achievement last night and we were unable to enter.

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Sunwell Plateau and AQ20/40 should be available now on Eranikus. Sorry again!


Aggrend! may i please inquire about a somewhat unrelated topic!

May i inquire about a somewhat unrelated topic!

Is there a reason paid character transfers and boosts are locked for Eranikus? Guilds got split in the server merging, transfer locking, free transfer offerings, and irregularity of boost availability over the past few weeks. Locking paid transfers to the new realms is really hindering us fully reforming before release.