Sunday Emissary on Patch Day

Today’s Emissary reward for Horde is AP, but it is gold for those with 70 neck. Will it be AP on Patch Day when our necks can gain AP again?


That is a very good question. Enquiring minds want to know.


Wait and find out?

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Yea that what we will have to do. Blizzard will not give us a answer.

I believe patch days usually reset all emissaries and give you three fresh ones as well. I’m just doing the emissary anyways.

We do not intend for emissary quests to reset with the content update. As with any other day, the oldest one should drop away tomorrow and a new one should come up.


Why do you believe they believe they reset? You’re 100% wrong so why bother posting at all?

There were a few times early in legion when a reset gave fresh emissaries. It didn’t last long. It was probably a bug.

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because not everyone can be right and it’s happened in the past. so get off your high horse cause i have no doubt you are wrong about things too. good job being a toxic idiot though.

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LIES AND SLANDER! there was a Champions Emissary from Monday (Aussie time) and a Honorbound one from Tuesday - I did both of those, didn’t turn them in, but now it has been changed to Champions/Tortollan/Honorbound!

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I, too, have lost a completed honorbound emissary, rip 1500 rep

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Why wouldn’t you guys turn it in when it’s completed? Was there a purpose or did you just forget? I don’t understand holding onto them.

because i was at 19999 rep - saving it for the reset when i could get ap again.

If your neck was maxxed out, then you would want to save them so you could get Azerite after the patch.


/10 char

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They got reset today and I lost all the progress saved up on my alts.

And furthermore, why would the newest emissary (Tortollan) end up in the middle of the rotation.

You might want to check on things

I saved some emmissaries too. Honestly when I saw the blizz response above I just knew it was going to fail. I almost turned them in. Jeez

And yet they reset :frowning:

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My Champs didn’t reset, but my honorbound did and got pushed to the back of the list as well. Very odd