Summons from the Depth, What's going on Blizzard?

(Charax) #1

There were no hotfix patch notes about this event to indicate it was nerfed. last week it was a daily event for 150 rep token, but all of the sudden this entire week it just stopped dropping anything.

Where’s the communication here? Are we suppose to just ignore this event? It’s clearly overtuned for an overworld minor event that only rewards 70g atm. Where’s the hotfix notes to indicate that it was never intended to be a daily rep drop?

Right now, it’s being seen as a bugged event.


I submitted a ticket for this issue with the “Summons from the Depths” event not dropping the Abyssal Conch on any of my characters and was given no answer or assistance by two different GMs.

The first GM tried to tell me that the event doesn’t drop the abyssal conch and that I should check the Wowhead pages for any info going forward…

I responded and told the GM that I had been farming the event daily for the Abyssal Conch rep token and Wednesday 7/10 was the first day it didn’t drop. I also mentioned that if the event loot was changed, there was no announcement in any hotfix/patch notes and if a change to a loot drop that essential was made, then it should have been announced.

The second GM responded and told me the GMs have no ability to speak to changes or talk to devs to confirm reporting is done correctly and that if i wanted to give feedback, I could do so through the forums or twitter.

What are GMs good for if they can’t provide correct information and can’t verify information with people who actually know about the game? I just don’t understand…

For now it seems like they’ve disabled the Abyssal conch from a loot drop and there is literally no point in doing the event anymore for the 70g that you get from it.

TLDR: Submitted a ticket for this. First GM tried to tell me the Abyssal conch doesn’t drop from “Summons from the depths.” Responded telling the GMs that it has everyday and there was no communication of change. Second GM responded and said they don’t have control over changes or reporting of changes by the Devs and to use the forums or twitter if I had any issues. Event is bugged and not worth doing for 70g.