Summerfest 2020 Today and Tomorrow

Whether you’re a crafter, enchanter, alchemist or provender of fine goods, or someone new to DD who can use a little help getting started out, head on out to the Darkmoon Faire grounds in Goldshire and join the market!

Several sponsors from the Coalition are selling, trading, and giving away low level gear, bags, potions, enchants, etc. First come, first serve!

So if you need goodies to help speed your questing, or would like to provide your own donations to help some fresh starts and low levels out, stop on by. We will have drinks, fireworks, games and prizes! Whisper any Keeper or Winterforge Clan officer if you need anything, or if you just want to help out!

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The Keepers remain a community-oriented guild. Class act.

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And a big thanks to The Winterforge clan who donated bags and quivers/ammo pouches as well!

Thank you, Nim!