Sulfuras PVP Video - Tristi - Fire Mage

Currently featured on the front page of Warcraft movies. I have created an homage to the classic PVP videos of the past. Enjoy :smiley:

Side note: Would have loved to have had more world PVP, but I wasn’t recording during that time unfortunately.

And remember, it’s only a game.


11/10 would flirt with IRL

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20 minutes is a very long time for a Classic PvP movie and a lot of it was just repeating the same fights over and over. The seemingly majority of fights having a pocket healer didn’t help, either.

If your goal was to showcase skill, I think the only fight in here that even remotely showcased that was the mage 1v1 at the bottom of the AV bridge. If your goal was to strictly entertain, you could cut over half of this movie for a better experience for the viewer.


I knew posting this on the forums was a mistake, where some internet cool kid would want to critique every frame.

Let’s break down your argument, first of all, no, there were no repeat fights.

A ret paladin is not a “pocket healer” and every fight with him in it showcased a 2v2 or greater.

Yes, the goal of this (as stated) was an homage to classic PVP videos, specifically

– If I wanted to express skill I would have posted videos of my 2v6, or my 1v4 in western plaguelands, furthermore, I wouldn’t have put myself dying so much if the only thing I wanted to showcase was skill, my goal was to entertain and meld the video with the music, while showing how fire mage works in PVP. If you want to make this an epeen measurement contest feel free to challenge me any time.

This guy’s guild is the biggest joke guild on the entire server.

no, that’d be grizzly