Suggestion: Trinkets have no ilvl, but scale with your characters ilvl

One of the issues with trinkets in WoW is that occasionally trinkets from old raid tiers become BIS for a class, in spite of them having lower ilvl. Font from Eternal Palace is an excellent example of this. Some trinkets end up being core to a particular build, and in some cases it’s not worth playing a build unless you have a specific trinket. Rather than eliminate the fun from trinkets and make them all generic stat sticks, or have to worry about going back and nerfing trinkets, instead, remove the ilvl from trinkets, and make them scale with your character’s ilvl.

This would solve many problems that exist with trinkets:

  1. You could get a trinket on ANY difficulty (including LFR) and its immediately useful for your character
  2. You would have, potentially, 4 chances to get a trinket every week if you ran a raid on all 4 difficulties (LFR, Normal, Heroic, Mythic)
  3. Trinkets collected at the start of an expansion that you like can be used throughout the entire expansion and still be relevant
  4. There’s less of a requirement to nerf trinkets with specific fun effects because they are still relevant 1-2 tiers after they dropped

There might have to be some cap on trinkets (so a trinket from question can only scale to a specific ilvl), but this could be managed.

Trinkets are one of the most interesting things in WoW; they range from stat sticks, to on use stats, to fun, unique on use effects (Barov Peasant caller for example). This could lead to many more trinkets being useful, much longer than originally intended, and add more of a collection aspect to trinkets, where people are collecting different effects to play around with builds.

The only ones we really lose are from raids and world quests. M+ scales up each season so if you want to keep using those you can and we get new ones from the raids.

I’d rather be able to replace gear and work with new trinkets than just be stuck with two specific ones that never need to be replaced.

i think scaling trinkets can create enormous imbalance. the new m+ trinkets are interesting, but they generally aren’t bis i think? the only one that was at any point for me was the conch, and it was never leaps and bounds above others. I think that is by design.

I like the idea, but I think certain things would create large imbalances especially with different classes.

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A major complaint people have had with M+ is that they never got to use different trinkets over the course of a 2/3-year expansion. They have had the same trinket this whole time. I don’t think this would make people happy!