Suggestion to horde queues

I’ve seen a lot of people saying how adding merc mode or horde vs horde would kill alliance. I see their point and agree slightly. I rolled horde knowing I would have to deal with queues. Thankfully, I was prepared and farmed honor cap during the prepatch (not the first day with bugged rates) while the queues were 10-12 mins for horde. I was also able to farm eots at 70 when flags gave 40 honor each and have finished farming all the honor gear I need.

With that being said I think we can all agree that 1 hour queue for one faction is completely ridiculous. Yes I was expecting long queue but I was expecting 15-20mins queue not 1 hour+. So here’s my suggestion :

What about having same faction bgs (ie horde vs horde) when the queue reach 10m? This would still give the edge to people who rolled alliance for fast queues but also make honor farming possible for horde.

Just seriously buff honor rates across the board. It’s not that complicated of a situation. More Alliance would be incentivized to deal with the inevitable amount of losses they would experience in BGs if they knew they could obtain their Honor gear in a manageable amount of time, as opposed to the insanely long grind it is now. More Alliance queueing would lower the queues for Horde, everyone on both factions would be able to farm the Honor gear at a much more doable rate, and everyone would be happy. It’s a win-win.

Only as much as we can all agree that anyone who thinks this should simply not be queuing BGs as Horde.

Reroll. It’s not a tough call, if that’s something you care about. Otherwise, don’t sweat the BG queues. I mean who cares? It’s just BGs.

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I’ve already farmed all the honor gear I need why should I reroll? Why are you so adamant about horde not being able to enjoy bgs if you don’t care? It’s just bgs.

I’m not at all.


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