[Suggestion] Lower respec costs for beta


Please consider removing or lowering respec costs for Beta. I know the costs will be in then live release, but, the costs are a hindrance to testing at present.

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“Make Classic Easier” posts should be deleted.


How is this a Make classic easier post, the suggestion is for the beta, not for live, so that we can test all the skills more easily.


Give Captain Placeholder the ability to reset talent trees? :slight_smile:


I think this suggestion makes sense for beta.


As funny as giving Captain Placeholder(or other NPC) the ability to reset talents would be, I’m honestly kind of split on the idea. I’m sure blizzard would just as soon see us level a second character and test everything else along the way yet again.

Maybe later on in the beta when the higher level stuff is accessible through saner means.


This is something that makes sense for beta. It’s possible some talent combinations don’t interact like they are supposed to, so making it easier to try as many combos as possible in beta seems a good idea.

Not for the live game tho, the people insisted that they wanted the real vanilla experience, don’t soften up on that.


I agree with not making Classic any easier, but being able to change spec without breaking bank shouldn’t be in that category. There is a reason, they have changed this. Healers are the ones that are strongly punished by this.
I respect your opinion, but I don’t share it. If the respec cost would be 5g max, I would be happy and nothing will be taken away from my Classic experience, it would only allow me to enjoy more diverse gameplay which results in more fun. 50g respec is absurd.


This is a valid point so long as the level cap is level 30. It holds some validity at 60 as well, but less so.

I’m still on the fence about it myself. Mostly because of the ability to test talented abilities/talent combinations for proper/expected stacking. Which is something Blizzard should be trying to encourage.

The trade-off is that I know that isn’t how such an ability in beta would be used, the use case is marginal, and it takes dev time and assets to implement.

I guess a middle ground option might be to see if they could simply reset the talent tree reset counter(or whatever mechanism it actually is) to 0 during (weekly) maintenance cycles. Except that makes it hard to test the cost decay for talent resets.

And with the consideration of the cost decay mechanism, I’m moving towards leave it alone. Tampering with that in beta “for beta use only” might cause something to spill over into the live version of the game. Unless the devs decide to go with the “reset the counter every week” until the last 6 weeks or something in line with that.


My point was still aimed purely at the beta. Leaving this in place for release is 100% expected. But, lowering or removing the cost during beta would make things easier. I switched from healer to tank to help a group out. Now that character is stuck as tank because i cannot, for the foreseeable future, switch back to healer.

yes i could make another character, which i have already done. but thats not going to be an option when we can get to 40. 30-40 is almost the same level time as 1-30.


This is 100% a good idea. More testing of talents and the synergy between those talents is a good thing. More players testing specific roles is also a good thing.

While testing respec cost decay is important, properly functioning talents is a much higher priority.


I mean they could just mail us all like 3k gold or something and keep the talent respec costs the same. That way we could test both talent respec cost decay and the actual talents themselves.


Fully support this, had the same idea. High respec costs are a huge hindrance to thorough testing.


I don’t think they should alter the cost, as it is meant for us to test how it will work so making it easier doesn’t help anything even if we are capped at 30


I’m in the mail us 3K for testing later down the road. As is, in the first phase of Beta we’re mostly testing out the leveling zones. They are doing this for the purpose of making sure the 1-30 experience is what it should be. Including the frustrations of not being able to get a group for VC as a ret pally.
The PTR gives you plenty of cash to muck about testing things. I suspect, this will happen in the last few weeks of beta.


I like this suggestion. In other betas they allow us gear, enchants, consumables…etc. to help test content. Allowing us to respec cheaper, or for free, in classic beta would be along those lines.


I get how that makes sense for testing talents, but I imagine they also want to measure our gold income v costs as we play. Measuring how that works with leveling, buying our skills, maybe spending money on professions etc…

This seems more like something for a dedicated test server that operates in a limited amount of time, like a stress server or a server dedicated to people PvPing.


The one thing I have experienced is, knowing this is a beta, and we’re level capped… No one cares about their wealth. gear and bags sell for slightly better then vendor price. I sell Bronze Tubes required for that one quest at 90s when I can buy blue BOE weapons for 50s. SO I’m not entirely sure the economy is where it should be any way


Overall market is certainly going to be wonky in a beta, but as they raise the level cap and gold comes in it could even out. Though I’m mostly talking about the non-AH gold gains combined with the gold sinks. I rarely used the AH originally during my leveling. So maybe seeing people’s average currency gain and seeing if it lines up with expectations is another piece of data they can use.


Level 30 meta for xp to gold is wonky on that front. Haven’t chased down the numbers on it, but it seems like it might be(or have been, don’t know the post-patch numbers) a little high.