Suggestion for Weekly Cache: Items from the Raid bosses Scale with new raids

The introduction of the new weekly cache is a fantastic idea. asuggestions I had regarding the pool and the ilvl scaling:

The pool should include loot from ALL the raids you ran, all that loot MUST scale to the ilvl of the highest raid difficulty you completed. The reasoning for this is twofold:

  1. Consider the Font of Power from Eternal Palace. This item is one of the best items for Fire mages, yet in order to get this at a high ilvl, you need to complete Eternal Palace on Mythic difficulty. Most players aren’t going to want to run mythic difficulty JUST for one player ( or a few players) to get font. So having this available from the weekly cache would solve this problem:
    a) A fire mage could run Eternal Palace on any difficulty (even LFR)
    b) The mage could then complete Ny’alotha on their hardest difficulty level (say Heroic)
    c) The cache now has a chance to drop Eternal Palace gear, at 460 ilvl

Presumably the pool for the cache is going to be based on the raids you completed (so you can’t run old raids just to get the best raid gear, you’re going to have to complete current content). But if the items are scaled to the ilvl of the raid as you completed it, you’d be discouraged from completing old raids on your characters, because you’d risk polluting your loot pool with old content gear.

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This means that in 9.3 you’ll essentially be required to run 3 tiers of raids, one at Mythic, 15 M+15 dungeons, and cap Conquest with decent rating, or you are missing out on potential BiS loot from the weekly chest.

I’d rather they just balance the gear so that the current tier is better than the previous tier. We don’t need another Arcanocrystal.


Yes please, I don’t want to maintain doing old raids hoping to get a BiS item from the time to be an updated ilvl and only ever use that item.

you cant scale trinkets and balance the game … they are often too powerful in the current expansion, they would potentially be epically busted outside of it

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Would be a very cool idea which I could support, but in reality, its likely safer to avoid. Even now there are trinkets from last raid that are used as a BIS item with the absurd power we have access to.
I would struggle to believe they could keep this balanced in a way it wouldn’t cause insane frustration for people praying for a BIS item that would swing their DPS substantially over current tier items.

Cool cool idea, but sadly, the game has gone in a different direction in many ways so that this likely isn’t compatible with creating powerful unique items each tier.