Suggestion for Blizzard. Faction based Xfers towards Stalagg and vice versa

So as of now, Stalagg is heavily horde favored and HS is heavily Alliance favored.

While a merge is out of the question (it would be doable, but the names, etc. would be hell to manage and Blizzard seems to opt for the easy solution), allowing faction based xfers seems like a win-win solution.

Stalagg is roughly 98% Horde and HS is close to 93% Alliance. I’m sure that if Blizzard allowed Alliance to xfer to Stalagg and Horde to xfer to HS, you would see both servers balance out around 80/20, which is much better and solves the AQ gates problem.

Stalagg is what brought us here in the first place.

I agree. I don’t care which servers pour into Heartseeker, but we NEED horde. Enable horde only transfers in… some of those super high horde pops might want the same.

The server was borderline dead after Hot Soup left, but Tyrants and DBZ, as well as many transfers, have revitalized it.

I now randomly run into Horde out in the world again, and it feels like a team v team game.

The vast, vast, VAST majority of Alliance here have trouble handling pvp as is. What do you think would happen if it were 50/50 or even 60/40 A to H?

It needs to be heavily slanted Alliance, or HS will just because Skeram 2.0 as dodgeseekers transfer off.