[Suggestion] Finding Old Friends

I couldn’t find a suggestion topic/place to post suggestions so I’ll voice it here…

Back in the days before Blizz ID, I use to have friends. We played a lot together… but they seem to have disappeared. There is no way I can find them. I’ve tried hunting their characters down on the WoW Search but they either have not logged in for a very long time or there just isn’t a way to contact them at all…

I’ve managed to locate another person on another realm with the same name as my friend. I think it’s possible she realm switched at some point but I cannot tell. It’d be extremely helpful if blizz added on the character search if that person has switched realms on that character…

Another thing would be if blizz added some way to message people on the character lookup site. I’ve found characters I use to play with on the site but there is no way to contact them at all. If at all… I’d want to contact them about coming back to play again for old time’s sake…

The last thing…

If anyone knows the following characters from the realm Fizzcrank, please message me. They are my old friends and if I can locate their Blizz ID/any way to contact them… I’d be much appreciated. I’m looking to reconnect.

  • Meah-Fizzcrank - Druid - Last seen around WOTLK time. She was on my friend’s list but disappeared recently… I believe she realm hopped but IDK where…
  • Mizzourah-Fizzcrank - Priest? - Last seen WOTLK
  • Svelli-Fizzcrank - Hunter - Last seen WOTLK
  • Irelandtovar-Fizzcrank - Warlock? - Last seen WOTLK
  • Onomatopoeia-Fizzcrank - Druid - Last Seeen WOTLK
  • Hotpinkdots - Pally? - Last seen WOTLK
  • Lizzygirl - Pally? - Last Seen WOTLK - I believe she shared an account with Mizzourah-Fizzcrank. It was her daughter.

It’s a very long shot but I’m atleast trying :c


Ive been looking for some people who used to play on Fizzcrank during wotlk days aswell. Hope u found who you are looking for.

This might help if the time period matches up. Good luck!

To help reconnect, Blizz could suggest old server assignments to the new servers based on time zone and type. For example, if you want to meet up with Doomhammer (PVE) folks from Vanilla play on Pagel (PVE). This method might make it easier for people to connect with their old friends and guild mates.


Crushridge players Horde- Amunsev Cancan Dirtymitchel remember us?

Good luck finding your friends. I doubt I will, everyone went different ways a long time ago. Here’s to hoping that everyone meets players they can have as much fun with ! :smiley:


I think the whole finding friends thread is really awesome and wholesome, I only wish it wasn’t specified for classic. I was much more active during BC, WotLK and Cata and there are a lot of friends who changed servers, giving me their new servers and names only for me to lose that info. I’d love it if there was a way to find those whom I lost contact with; they were good friends. Either way, I hope everyone is getting in touch with old pals and enjoying classic as much as I am!!! :grin:


Looking for x members of my guild Holy carnage.

i am looking for a old friend. We where on Dethecus. The toons name was smashngrab I think. He was a warrior and I was a hunter. Chances are he is long gone.

I was an officer in The Evil Empire if that helps :^)

Emerald Dream - RPPVP Horde. guild. Wire, Drail, Elleila, Rainsongone. Just to name a few. HMU!

Long shot but My name was Bloodyhunter i was good friends with a tauren warrior named Iididintdoit where are you buddy!!!

I don’t have any old friends. I always soloed.

In retrospect, it seems that I made a pretty smart decision. :slight_smile:

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It’s one hell of a long shot, but so many years ago in original WoW and TBC I played horde side as an undead priest named Healmonkey and an orc warrior named Tokash. I was a member of a small guild mostly made up of family members. I wasn’t their family and never met them in real life, but I enjoyed playing with them and am curious if they’re still playing.

I don’t remember the server name or their character names, unfortunately. It was almost 15 years ago and life took over. I do remember the father was a plumber and he loved to talk about his job in voice chat.

These days I’m playing on the classic Windseeker server, alliance side. All of my characters have the theme name of the word Bird at the end. Cultbird my warlock, Shiftybird my druid, Glowbird my paladin, Shieldbird my warrior, etc.

I was in that guild. Restro shaman Leelah

This is why I dont join guilds or get to close to people because in the end all that is left is you

Not totally true. Ive stayed in touch with a handful of old guildmates through fb and battlenet

Oh my…So I was Istas on The Venture Co years and years ago. I’ve managed to keep in contact with some folks through various means, but some have disappeared. Actually many…and I know that no matter who I mention there are some I’ll miss (please don’t be offended!)

Mathus and Emoiram were two rogues I’d like to at least know what they’re up to.

Walpurgis was a tauren, who first told me about Grunts.

Palehoof, wherefor art thou, Palehoof?

A whole MESS of alliance folks from a handful of guilds… Basically if you’re old VeCo I wanna wave to all of you. I miss those days. The TM/SS battles. The time during BC when we nearly crashed the server when 8 full 40 man raids converged on Halaa.

I miss the RP. Some very glorious RP went on over there, on the forums and even in game. If you’re reading this I hope ya’ll are doing well, all these years later.

VeCo is for Fite!