Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

One more for ya

A sham article written by someone from the New Yorker… ya… that’s a toilet paper article.
I have always watched the cartoons. and a minority in my country. I never had an issue. People need to laugh, what’s next? Bring up Archie Bunker???
giving this offended snowflake more work to be offended. LOL.*

See, this is the mindset that needs to change. Accepting the unacceptable. Condoning the disgusting behavior of racists and sexists because you want to be edgy or something.

Stay stuck in the past all you’d like, you can’t stop the change.

This article. lol stated that they were never seen on TV.
Went from one band wagon to another.
Still love Bugs Bunny and Mel Blanc.

Move the goalposts all you’d like. The truth is the truth.

You wouldnt know the truth if it hit ya. That’s cancel culture for ya. Cancel everythin’. and be offensive as possible with their words.

You’re being extremely hyperbolic.

Pot meet Kettle

Do you even know what the term means?

This is what I’m talking about. You act like everything is getting “cancelled” then whine about it and call everyone a snowflake.

Do you know what a snowflake is?

Yep. Don’t call people names, it makes you look even worse, Still like Mel Blanc. and many of your voice actors look up to Mel. :smiley:

LOL don’t call people names.

Wonder how many times you’ve used the term “snowflake” in this thread. Get outta here with that noise lol

Oh I forgot “Karen” too

Sounds like you are offended doc, what’s wrong? People not agreeing with your baloney?
A snowflake is a person who thinks they are special. their opinions and feelings count for something, they force-feed opinions to people and if you DO NOT agree with them, they turn into absolute horses arses.
succubus should never been canceled.
Also like how you were triggered by Bugs Bunny, the little rabbit in red upset ya doc?

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Snowflakery is the way of life, go melt. Don’t like that term doc? then change yourself. don’t go out of your way to make people miserable because you are. be happy doc! Maybe laugh at some Bugs Bunny, I like that one episode where he was the opera conductor… Enjoy.

You’re talking out of both sides of your mouth.

I brought receipts

That’s fact tho… mouth-breathing isn’t name calling. its an action.
You are a sexist for wanting to cancel the only female summoned demon of a lock, and would be fine with a sausage party. you are being a ninny for wanting to cancel something you do not agree with. instead of letting it go - there like a song about that? lol.
You are fake. because you are fine with an Incubus, but not a Succubus…
Thank you… Thank you.

Well now we see your hypocrisy on full display

Pot meet kettle… think I said that before.
Hypocrisy: The dude that plays the class that has a succubus, that has pvp’d until the cows come home and used it all this time, Someone that wants a female character removed from the game, but is fine with the male equivalent. EVEN though all your party, excluding the void and fel doggo thing. is male.
I think if you look up Hypocrisy, you’ll have a picture of you waving.

No comment on you literally contradicting yourself? Didn’t think so…