Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

S t fu. Ban


You sure seem to think you have the right to boss people around. Don’t overcompensate for your outside life.

Lmao. sure can. grow into hypocrites.

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I thought we’d made progress

remember woody’s comment to Buzzlightyear when he said, “YOU ARE A TOY”. Well, 'IT’S A VIDEO GAME, LIGHTEN UP, FRANCIS" . if you don’t like the succubus, don’t summon it, or play another character all together. Minus a hunter, we already have a bad name as is, don’t need any more outside help

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Ad hominem attacks and false equivalency does nothing to help your position. You’re trolling.

No such thing. Cancel Culture never “progresses” after successful or unsuccessful cancelation, they either harp on the topic. or move onto something else that offends them.
Par the course for the unhappy. who must make others as miserable as they are. over sanctimonious baloney.


No, you and I. I thought we’d broken some barriers to our friendship.

On the contrary - he is using humor. but is 100% factual.

WE aren’t friends. I do not befriend cancel culture people. I mock them, and watch them struggle to articulate their stance on something that have no business “Canceling”


don’t forget to hold hands and sing cumbaya songs now

cancel culture sucks. just imagine all the funny movies who’d now look more like a 30 second commercial than a movie (ex, blazing saddles)

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I concur. and Blazing Saddles was a great movie. Also miss watching Bugs Bunny cartoons on Retro cartoon station, I guess Elmer Fudd and Sam with a gun needed canceled, cause guns bad.

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Well I totally misread that. It’s a shame. I thought we made a good team. Starsky and hutch. Turner and hooch. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid. Woody and buzz. Check and Chong. Ebony and ivory. Samuel l Jackson and John travolta. The odd couple. Goose and maverick. Agent j and k. Del toro and depp. Damon and Affleck. Batman and robin.

Fixed that for you champ.

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I think Marvin is the only one who has a gun, but he’s an alien, and we need to be nice to them

if George Carlin was alive, he’s be having a blast with today’s generation. I love that man <3

I’m sure you thought steamboat Willy, shoo fly don’t bother me, song of the south, and other Jim Crow inspired racist tropes were unjustly “cancelled”

Stephen Fry has a quote about “Being offended”
He didnt give two dookies what people thought, in his 60’s, gay, married a man half his age… lol.

Yes, because they are silly cartoons. but lets grasp on more offended straws. Like a bunch of white people offended by Cleveland Indians. AS an Indian… I did not find that offensive.

Silly cartoons? They are extremely racist…

Not to mention those two aren’t even remotely comparable.

Says the sexist… they were dumb cartoons, AND those I believe were Disney products. NOT Warner Bros. Disney is racist, still is. and a terrible company… that doin what Blizz is doin… going woke, and broke. lol Soon the left eat each other.

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Oh you want Warner brothers? I did a cursory google search for you.