Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

Good to know that you are the arbiter of respect, kindness, and anything else. It seems like you think I am subservient to you?

Like how you chopped what I had to say up there… Someone who uses cancel culture doesn’t deserve respect. Chop that up. You will not get a lick of respect out of me. no matter how you chop up someone’s post. My post is still there dood. lol

Chopped it up? Those are literally your words.

People who use cancel culture do not deserve respect. You made my post “You do not deserve respect,kindness, or anything else” trying to take it out of context.

if you attempt cancel culture because you are offended by something, and demand change when a majority wish it not too, and use the suffering of women in Blizzard to push it, you do not deserve Respect.

You literally said

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THAT is what I said. Nice try though.

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I’m not using cancel culture to push any narrative. That’s your perspective.

Also, what’s this about? It makes zero sense.

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You were told by three people about “Canada not being a race” and then you mention your significant other about being half-asian. still can be a bigot. regardless who your sleeping with.

Do you understand now? or naw?

Yeah, my wife and all of my kids are mixed.

Canadian is a nationality though. If I were to move to Canada, does that make my race Canadian?

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No - because you are not born here. :wink:
People that immigrate here, 99% of them that pass the immigration test usually refer to themselves as Canadian. and that’s fab!

For sure. I feel the same way about my fellow Americans.

My whole point is that I was talking about Canada as a nationality not a race. So if you took it as a racial thing, that wasn’t my intent.

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Alot of people, like originated from India. or are second generation immigration. will refer to themselves as “Indo-Canadian”. They are probably some of the best Canadians to have. Love indian people. only thing, young men new to Canada need to brush up on our laws.

I think multiculturalism is a good thing. I love curry and naan.

Be honest though, you’ve heard it said that canadians are all nice right?

I’m sure you guys have some sayings about Americans too…

We are noted to being nice, and saying “Sorry” but we also are known for being blunt.
Also known for having a dipstick for a pm… the dude is useless. absolutely…

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I enjoy watching YouTube videos of your parliament. Way more entertaining than our Congress or senate.

This thread is still going?

Is the Succubus really this contentious?

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No. If nothing came to light at what happens at Blizz HQ - this post wouldn’t exist.

Watching the left not answer to anyone while shoving us into a 1.3 trillion dollar debt is always fun… I don’t watch it… from 10 billion surplus to trillions in debt due to idiot and his stupidity… very nerve wrecking

It’s kind of sad.

I don’t want to suffer the consequences of allegations of sexual harassment that I didn’t do.

If they remove skimpy transmogs or censor more stuff like removing a Succubus thanks to the allegations that I didn’t do. It would probably be the last straw for me.


Why I am not really nice to people like the op, I didn’t do anything, so why are we punished? EVEN after the fact people told the story of the succubus and how she came to be as a partner with the warlock. It DID NOT matter, its infuriating. I too will quit. I feel ya wee gnomish man!