Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

I added that because of other players suggestions. Equality is a step in the correct direction.

I actually like the idea of incubus/male succubi, or maybe even androgynizing the existing model while maintaining some non-gendered sexuality. It always did seem a little weird to me that warcraft succubi were exclusively female, feels like a pretty obvious product of a very male-oriented development team. And I’m a man, and happy to be one, tyvm.

Plenty of people agree

All of your points have already been made and addressed

i think the Felguard is supposed to be the male version of the same genetic stock of the succubi but I agree male/female totally random what u get and need to go to a warlock specialist to change it’s sex would be hilarious comentary on everything IRL but that is probably to contentious for Blizzard a step to take.

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Take yourself, moral outrage, and the subject to FFXIV

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It’s okay because she’s a fantasy figure. It’s why every female thing in the game has ginormous boobs. Also because she could kick your butt if unleashed.

Isn’t the OP essentially saying, “women = demons.”

Isn’t that the sexism here?


Just flag this topic and move on.

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Oh are you paying my sub fee for either game?

Didn’t think so…

Or… you know… if you can’t handle the conversation or don’t like the topic,


Everyone is entitled to their opinion quin. Even if it is misguided.

Your OP is titled that it’s sexist. How would adding a second, in your words, sexist figure to the already included sexist thing not just be twice as sexist? Two negatives (sexisms), in this case, don’t equal equality though. If one of these two equally similar things are not positive, how does adding another one create equality?

Having no sexual demon that moans and cracks a whip (the WoW succubus) is more of a positive (in terms of sexism) than keeping that in game and adding a second but opposite version of the exact same thing. I hope this makes sense or is being read as not degrading your thoughts or whatever, it’s hard to convey anything with any sort of emotion via text.

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I outlined things pretty clearly I think.

Yup! Now shoo

I’ll be waiting for my check in the mail

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I haven’t looked at this thread, at all except to note the amount of responses. Must have hit a nerve.

Sorry for the snark - just the thread length is…fairly serious and laughable - no disrespect intended.

I’m not going to put my opinion in - it’s worthless anyway. Just wanna say I see your point and hope there were some decent conversations in between the vitriol.

PS - though I doubt anyone changed their mind from their position.

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Enough already, good god.

This is why I’ve lost so much respect for activism, close to 90% of it has been taken over by useless people wanting to feel important while contributing nothing positive and in most cases just making noise while actively damaging the cause they claim they’re representing.


You are a harmful stereotype. Leave Warcraft alone. The succubus is a demon in actual real-world lore that seduces. Learn your demons. I’m so tire of people coming in and just taking offense at what “they” find awful and want it removed. Quit removing and canceling stuff. If you don’t like it find a game that fits your narrow-minded views. I don’t know… Hello Kitty Online or would you feel like you were appropriating some culture by playing that game? Seriously, the more folks realize that the stuff they don’t like they can just… turn off, the better off we will be as a society.