Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

It is ironic you said that . My RL friend Kevin Quinn’s band American Pearl…did the music for DZ- for your musical pleasure …


There is bait, then there is bait and then there is bait. Call me Thufir Hawatt…

Its amusin’
dude barely posts. its just a torrent of puns.

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In the post 2525,
If OP is still alive,
If Succubus can survive,
They may find… :rofl:

You don’t, I armoried all your toons.

Do you not have anything better to do?

You can’t just dismiss every issue as bait, also why are you here posting on the thread?

McCree is only one of many to be renamed.


Why are you using the name of someone who assaulted their mother and feigning moral superiority?

Honest to Bob, why? Out of all people do you pick a name of a person who took advantage of the elderly mother who has Alzheimer’s?

People report this name please!

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Eww, I just noticed their name.

Succubus isn’t sexist.

Lack of an Incubus is sexist.

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I have been calling them out for days, every time I do they leave the thread yet the name stands.

I want that removed before the succubus, sorry Lokath for derailing ya momentarily there.

edit: Even more gross. This toon joined here on the 20th, after all this went public. Edgelords are on an entirely different level now. Gross.

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I’d only recently heard of that person through a YouTube video. Disgusting.

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Read about it on a news site myself. Now there is more about a psychology student who was encouraging it. I can’t believe people like this exist!

How have you been bud?


I’ve been ok. Just doing my irl dailies.

On another note. Blizzard has made an announcement that they will be changing some things that “reflect our shared values”.

There is hope yet!

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If you object to them simple answer, don’t summon them. Then YOUR Wow soul is clean enough to enter your vision of the afterlife. Simply ‘snipping off’ culture we don’t approve of does not make it go away. I undersand you feel anything even remotely misogynistic is horrid and needs to be burned screaming at the stake. You are one voice, let others who agree chime in or accept that your view is a MINORITY view and likely to be ridiculed and ignored. Move on to the next crusade, you can’t win them all.

I think you’re overstating my stance

hey OP; short answer, no, its a demon who is SUPPOSED to be built around these cliches.

you need to go outside sometimes, and maybe get a girlfriend.

also, there are 2342343 other more important things in the game to deal with. jesus christ just no. nonono.

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I think you’re picking a ridiculous hill to die on, but that’s your right. As you can see by the feedback you’re not precisely the majority. Good luck with that.