Subtelty rogue and Korrak

I recently started playing my rogue again, and one of the first things I did was to get into AV to kill Korrak for the 400 weapon. No problem, he was summarily dispatched, and in the next BG, I get to pick up my weapon.

Except the only option I’m presented with is a sword, which doesn’t play nicely with the likes of Backstab and other combo point generators. I feel like I’m missing something here, did Blizzard just completely drop the ball, or is there something I should have done to get a dagger?

subtlety can use a sword/mace/axe/FW in the offhand

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The tooltip on Backstab is slightly misleading. “Requires Daggers” (emphasis mine). I’d taken the plural on Daggers as meaning I needed one in each hand.

Thanks for the heads up.

Have you checked your loot spec. It might be set to outlaw and not sub or sin.

For Dual Wielding, your “moves” unless stated (like Shiv later), only use your main hand. So if a move requires “X”, it will only require it in the main hand.

Now if a move said required X and uses offhand, then you would need X in offhand.