Sub Rogue Macro Help


I have cold blood macro’d to be activated when I use Shadow Dance. My issue is since I use the talent Enveloping Shadows, the macro only activates cold blood on the second charge of Shadow Dance when I need it to be activated on the first charge of Shadow Dance. Anyone know how to fix this macro so that cold blood gets activated with the first charge of Shadow Dance?

I don’t know why, but it seems like when changing stances is involved, abilities off the GCD wont all function how you’d think. Since Cold Blood requires you to be in another stance and you aren’t in that stance when you click the macro, it wont go off. I guess that’s why? I don’t really know. Maybe there’s something else to it.

That aside, it should still be usable. If your macro is simply:
/cast [nostance] Shadow Dance
/cast Cold Blood
The second click should activate Cold Blood.

Uhh just macro cold blood into cheap shot. Or shadow strike. Or both. If your not planning it’s use why wouldn’t you macro it into more abilities. Hell even shadow blades and symbols.

#showtoomtip shadowdance
/cast cold blood
/cast shadow dance

Yah. That’s true. It probably is better to macro it to those instead of with Shadow Dance. I’m sure most people do that already, anyways.

I’m not sure this would cast cold blood because cb requires stealth. maybe that’s why he’s not activating it on the 1st dance.

if I where you id either leave it out of a macro or macro it in with like shadowblades.

I was just giving him the macro he was asking for. I have mine macroed into shadowstrike.

I macro’d it into shadowstrike. Thanks.

I have it macroed to shadow strike. Work fine because both require stealth.