Sub rogue and pvp

So now that the sub rogue PvP buffs are in(at least I think they are) is Sin still the go to pvp spec or has sub returned as PvP king? Mostly talking about arenas playing RMP in particular but any thoughts or advice would be great.

I’m a 1500 rated player, but from what I can tell… Sub is viable again. Due to the current meta I think the damage output from Sin will still be the go to spec in 3’s. Would love to hear what higher rated rogues think.

Its better but not great compared to other class specs and assassination. Backstab is utterly useless even with 20% IF you are behind target. It takes SO much energy to use that its not good. Rogues need there crit strike back to be back in good shape with a energy cost reduction to backstab. That would be my thoughts.

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Unfortunately assassination is still better in terms of sustain damage. Sub and assassination both have pretty similar burst right now, but with lucky procs you can 100-0 in one dance.

Vendetta needs a nerf to 3 minutes to be on par with shadow blades, and mutilate should cost a bit more energy. A nerf to assassination mastery would be great too. I hope they do it, sub would probably see buffs if that happened.

Mutilate costs enough as it is. The spec already has the most downtime out of all 3 specs with nothing to press while waiting for energy to pool. If Sub is underperforming the goal is to buff it, not nerf everything else. That’s how flavour of the month issues happen in the first place. If Sin stays as it is and Sub is raised up to be comparable then you’d see true diversity. Some would run Sub for utility for their teams and others would use Sin for the sustained/rot approach.


Although I agree with you, that isn’t how blizzard does things from my experience. I feel like they are more likely to nerf sin to make sub comparably better than they are to outright buff sub. That’s assuming they intend any changes at all.

Sin for 3s im guessing. Sub is good in 2s tho

You cant 100-0 in one dance, mabye only if the guy was a fresh 120 vs a fully geared 120. Thats the only way… fire mage OP burst can 100-0 someone in about 5 seconds

Sub is definitely viable again, I have at least one 120 Rogue in each spec, but Sin is still the go too especially at R1 level play.

Not true… Im 385 il. And only hitting 5p 11k eviscerates on targets… 22k crits. Still needs buffing

Whatever you say pal you’re obviously a know it all

Go to youtube, search sub rogue, realize you’re bad.

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Why is he bad though? I think I missed something.

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I dont consider myself bad at all, hes just trolling, i watch evasions and dalarans videos a lot getting tips and pointers.

sub cant 1 shot any more sub is for cc in arenas.



I watched his latest tutorial and really its the mage that makes his team.
Assassination rogue would be better in 2’s simply because of the crippling and wound poison.

Nope. Assasination would just be nerfed and its far from OP. I never run from a rogue as FireMaga or my pally or my assassination rogue. I’m toast against assassination on my sub rogue, so I avoid them. But maybe because I still have only 420 IL on him vs 430’s on my assassin.