Stygia gate vs Conduits to great

Instead of just being grumpy to myself and friends i figure i’ll add my two cents on the forums in hopes the devs see it.

I’m a pvper, i want to play the game doing pvp related things. Currently my best conduits as a Ele shaman 2 of the 4 come from world boss’s the other 2 come from raids. If i want to upgrade my conduits past 184 i need to farm the maw endlessly to get Stygia. At 1900 Stygia per upgrade at a random chance to get one of 20 and needing to do this THREE times to get 226 conduits is insane.

You need 114,000 Stygia to upgrade all conduits from 184 to 226 at roughly 1200 per day not counting weekly it would take around 3 months of doing content i do not enjoy to get these items to play what i want to play optionally.

Please for the love of god give me a way to upgrade these easier. Either through pvp or at least let me target the ones i want through other content at a reasonable pace.

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Not sure why you decided this needed to go here. We already have please devs explain echoing shock and please devs 2h enh.

Are we just making a tally of please dev threads in a place where devs historically are NOT looking?

Anywho… the issue of only doing what you want and getting the best gear isn’t gonna happen.

The best trinkets are locked in mythics and raids.

The best ele gear is locked behind PVP rating.

Crying about having to do the maw and world bosses is a little lame. If it is that much of a hassle for you maybe wow isn’t your game.

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You can also not do them. Sockets aren’t as big of a deal as they were last season with amps. ilvl upgrade of conduits is also not as big of a deal as the cap this season is 226. Small fractions of a difference. Also, if you look at your renown, world quests get an upgrade soon which is an easy way to farm conduits. You won’t have BiS conduits but they are competitive. World bosses drop the covenant specific conduits at ilvl 200.

I agree that if you do both PvE and PvP you should get a small advantage. I feel like conduits fill that bill.

I disagree with how honor gear took so long to upgrade to 197, it was easily 3 weeks too late and PvErs basically will have a month and half advantage until conquest gear catches up.

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Every time WQs upgrade through Renown I start getting a new tier of Conduits from Calling chests and, rarely, WQs. The next (and last, for now) Renown boost to WQ rewards is in 2 resets so I’m planning on waiting till then before blowing my wad of Stygia. Hopefully I can get all 200’s from Callings and WQs, so I can basically shoot straight to 213’s from Stygia.

Also you can buy some 200 Conduits for Conquest (which is a COMPLETE waste at this stage, but it’s still there if you’re that desperate). Other 200’s come from Normal raiding, which if you aren’t totally opposed shouldn’t be all that hard to pug.

Agreed, they really should have spaced out the upgrade breaks, even if it was 1 new rank per week or something.

The conduits from the conquest vendor scale with your rating. If you want to buy them it is suggested you wait till your 2100+ and can buy 226 ones as you can’t upgrade them after buying them as far as I know.

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The ones i buy from doing what i want to do are useless to me.

Just adding my voice to the forums in hopes they make bad choices.

I do not at all mind the maw and the world bosses. I mind HOW MUCH we have to do them in order to get to the point you want to be at.

WoW is a grindy game, but forcing me to do something that is outside what i want to be doing for 100+ hours in order to just get a small piece of what i need to be completely competitive is insanity.

Unless i’ve gotten extremely unlucky i’ve stopped getting any kind of conduit upgrades from WQ’s. I gotten all my epic 184 pieces and have yet to receive another from those.

That’s because the next upgrade to WQ rewards is next reset. I’m hoping that we can start getting them next week from dirty casual methods.