STV Blood event turn in - Season of Discovery

Turned in at the altar today with 255 blood stacks. Heard the game say “inventory full” and did not receive my coins nor coins in the mail.

Bumping this. just happened to me as well.

Don’t worry. I got a ticket response to this…

<<<Please believe me when I say I do not like being the bearer of bad news for things like this. If your inventory is full you can and will miss out on things, so it is vital that you always keep track of your bag space, especially when completing something like this. With there being no postmaster within Classic, it is even more important as there’s no one there to help if something happens.

With there being no Postmaster it also means that I cannote step in either, so any Coins are considered lost. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. >>>

Gotta love this kind of response.

Total Horse Crap, this company just lets these things happen…First time doing the event today I was excited, received 132 Blood. I thought great, I made progress towards my goals. Then I only had one space left and it blanked me the time I spent doing the event. Blizzard needs to make this right, this is on them.

Apologies don’t get my time back.