Stuttering issues

Was told to create my own thread. So here we go…so this issue started happening about a week ago. I run my game on ultra settings everything turned up all the way. Been playing, pvp, raiding, dungeons, etc just fine with about 80-100 fps no problem. Last week my game just started taking a fps drop from like 90 to 17 then back to 90 after about a second of freezing. I changed all my folders that I was told to change, I rolled back Nvidia drivers, I stopped using elvui, and this still happens. My roommate has the same specs same laptop and is not having issues at all. So any tips or info would be helpful, what do you guys need, and how to I get it to you?

You can post the reports requested at the top of this forum in the thread, or on if they don’t fit in a reply.

See instructions here:

Problem signature:
P1: NVDisplay.Container.exe

Problem signature:
P1: RadeonSoftware.exe

There appears to be GPU drivers for two different companies installed. Make sure to remove the Radeon software suite since you’re using an nVidia card now. You may need to use Display Driver Uninstaller to fully remove everything, then reinstall the nVidia version.

This issue can also be seen in the MSInfo, as those drivers are trying to share the same memory access on the computer.

Omg thank you, it is working again!!! You are the best!!!

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