Stupid shadow question

…uh…is Shadow basically now just mostly spamming two abilities?
I feel like Im either doing something wrong, missed something or Shadow has been seriously changed

I find shadow priest very fun, i think for raiding you may find the mind flay: insanity build to be more consistent, but the proccy Mind spike/Blast build is just fun but more RNG reliant. overall it can feel clunky sometimes but i cant tell what you are doing just from a forum post unfortunately.


I hate to ask…but could you export your build and post it here for me to see?
sorry…I just havent played priest a lot.

this is mine…and its ok…

i mean, its mowing down PVE trash, but it feels really weird. Like nothing is connected or something

One of the downsides right now is our main AoE filler…is now a spender which is creating quite a bit of problems. I wont be able to export my build since im at work, currently on live it may feel like what you’re saying, its missing something, Mainly since we are missing more of our talent points and wont get the same kind of finished feeling until end game content with good stats/all our points.

BUT, using for the mind flay: insanity, you will be weaving using devouring plague then into mind flay: insanity pretty much the whole time…which sounds quite boring…because it is…but it gets you that consistent damage. so try looking at builds that buff your dots when using mindflay, or buffing your devouring plague. Screams of the void come into mind which buffs your dots when using mind flay, and just use DP to make MF into MF: insanity and just do that

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Thanks. Yeah, it sounds like its the spec or something. I havent played Shadow in a while and it was just feeling really off with the way I got it set up.
Seems like before I had some spells that all fit together that I actually had to think about a bit, now it just feels like Im banging whatever is off CD and Mind Flay and Mind Blast otherwise.

The playstyle is going to change…we are going to be seeing a similar playstyle that we had in mists where Mind Flay: insanity is your filler with no procs, then using Mind Spike and mind blast procs when needed. only problem is we don’t have Mind Sear as an AoE option anymore unless they change it back to a filler. Which means psychic link is our next and only best option to use for AoE…which means just spam Mind spike and use DP in between. (devouring Plague)

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god. I literally rolled priest FOR Mind Sear lol. Now it looks like Disc doesnt even have it at all. Really was irritated about that. It was supposed to be my cloth mog farmer, lol. MS was really mowing down lowbie mobs pretty fast.

Mind Sear feels bad now…by the time we get full insanity to spend on Mind sear, mobs are already dead or its not worth casting the spell, and we also don’t get enough out of the cast to justify pooling our insanity to 100% just for like 1 tic of mind sear. So hopefully that may change in the next patch, even if it generates little to no insanity but does a lot of damage…i would rather see it as a filler.

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Otherwise Spriest is still tons of fun, lots of cool interactions again, instead of banking on Void eruption for our big damage.

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yeah…VE was one of the things I was thinking about, Im pretty sure.
I’ll have to take a look around the web and see if I can netdeck someone else build to try out,

thanks for the help!

Except currently we’re set to spam mind spike over flay as our filler in single target / raid settings, but still also somehow fit in MF:I.

One of the biggest differences right now which im glad they changed, back in mists if you were to hardcast Mind spike, your dots would be taken off and consumed. That doesnt happen anymore so the change to spamming Mind spike is probably a better option, but the gameplay hasn’t changed much, weaving between casting a proc’d MB or MS while channeling Mind flay/Mind flay: insanity in between is relatively the same. you just may be more inclined to cast Mind spike instead of Mind flay on certain parts is all

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Honestly I think I have my talents set up wrong or something.
I’ll have to keep looking around and steal someones Shadow export theyve got posted. lol

Single Target Raiding


Mythic+ (Yogg)


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well, thank you. I’ll check both of those out!

Apparently some talents are just outright missing from the class tree in the mythic+ one. They can be pretty much anything because nothing else matters beyond the damage increasing ones.

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Which legendary, if any, are you using?

i dont think that character has any to be honest…I got 233 gear and one 262 off the AH.

Okay yeah, you should be all set for the talent builds Ellipsis posted.

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Uhh you still use mind sear in aoe