Stuck on loading screen


When ever i try to log onto a character on the PTR I get stuck on the loading screen. I can hear the in game music and ambiance but all that’s up on my game is the loading screen with a full bar and it happens with every single character I try to play on.


Same here, tried resetting the game configuration / repairing, nothing works. As the op states the load screen fills up but doesn’t disappear. I can hear the in game sounds as if I’m in but the load screen doesn’t go away.


Yup having the same problem. It seems the game is actually loaded but the loading screen just won’t go away. If I press my abilities I can even hear my character using them.

(Piranha) #5

uninstalled ptr it completely locks up my entire computers gui.

(Zushiba) #6

I am experiencing the same thing. I can hear stuff going on, but the loading screen is just… there.

(Wain) #7

Does the PTR work for anyone right now? I just copied over fresh versions of my characters and they’re affected by the same issue.


Having the same issue. Updated video drivers for kicks and giggles. No dice. Running two pc’s this is a win7/64 i7, with a 960gtx. ik, but it works, lol. Going to try the win10 pc and will update if any difference.


Tried this a few more times and have actually got the game to occasionally error out at this point where it hangs. If this helps any…

0x85100000 Assertion Failure
File: d:\buildserver\wow\5\work\shared-checkout\branches\wow-patch-8_2_0-branch\engine\source\gx\src\d3d11\gxdevice3d11.cpp
Line: 6382
Expr: width <= m_caps.m_texMaxSize[target]

(Taree) #10

Either I crash with an exception when the bar is about 3/4 of the way through, or I technically get in, but the loading screen won’t go away. I’ve tried a few things to correct this, but am unable to proceed. I’ve sent in my crash reports, so hopefully that has information for Blizzard at least.


We can only hope this isn’t “working as intended” when it goes live. :stuck_out_tongue:



This is now 7 days old. Are the devs checking this out? There are only 11 reports of this, is everyone else able to connect and play? What is the deal with this bug?


The setting to toggle between DirectX 11, DirectX 11 Legacy and DirectX 12 is found on the Menu > System > Advanced pane. Left side near bottom.
Set to legacy. Restart. Play.

(Taree) #15

Is this on the launcher? I don’t see this menu step anywhere.

For reference, I’m running Windows 7 still.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


On character screen…lower left hand corner …Menu - System - Advanced - Graphics Api - Set to DirectX legacy .

DirectX 11 is causing the instability.


I actually just managed to get in without tweaking settings so I’m guessing they fixed it.


Launcher downloaded a ptr update when I logged in this morning. Build 30774, and it appears to have resolved my issue.