Stuck in Orgrimmar

Created a new character in Dragon flight Beta. Can not get to Dragon Island , every time I go to Dragon Island it ports me right back to Orgrimmar.

Mite be better to reroll the toon nothign can be done here this is for the live version of the game not the beta.

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Did you use the template char creation? If so it is the proper level. You can also import chars from Live to use if they are max level.

Otherwise, this forum is for Information on the Live game. You would want to post on the Beta forums if you have Beta issues.


it may be too early to begin, but you have to wait. they are doing something. so be patient.

There is a quest line to go it looks like. The Dark Talons. NPC you’re supposed to meet with at the Zeppelin Tower isn’t there though.

Did you create the character on Valdrakken? That server is for testing end game content
(dungeons/raids) and you can’t go to the Dragon Isles right now, or at least you couldn’t when I played on there a few days ago. I went to a different server, copied one of my characters and had no issues getting to the Dragon Isles.


That is possibly the issue. I did the same thing when I created a new character, was a little confusing. Once I switched realms and created a character I got the correct intro quest and was able to get to the Dragon Isle just fine. :slight_smile:


I did the exact same thing Vrakthris, and was wondering why everyone was standing around in Org instead of off exploring the Dragon Isles. Found out they were only testing end game content so switched to a different server.

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Did you also spend an hour+ selecting all your talents and arranging your keys how you like them? LOL

By the time I realized I was on the wrong server it was well past when I should have been off to bed.


Yes, I did! I was doing the same thing for well over an hour, then got the brilliant idea to spend another 30ish minute’s tinkering with the UI editor.