Stuck in a covenant I did not choose

Yesterday night I came back on wow to play my restoration shaman who has always been necrolord alliance. I logged out and came back this morning and my toon for some weird reason was seen as kryian, which made me lose all my reputation, my conduits that I had and my renown. when I went to change it back ( thinking maybe some how my account was taken) to necrolord , no matter what I do it will not change back to necrolord. I know for a fact I did not change it to kyrian and now it will not allow me to leave kryian for any other covenant. please can I get help? thank you

I’d open a ticket - I’ve not heard of any cases where things just changed on their own.

Anyone else had access to your account?

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no no one has any access, but this has happen to my friend account also. i cant even move it from that covenant. it will not change its stuck no matter how much i try to change it

My hunch is you clicked the wrong conversation option in oribos when heading to Korthia. You may have to wait out the lockout to change back.


can I tell you how much you rock, I think you might have gotten it. I remember going to oribos and doing the stuff to get to korthia. DUDE you saved me a deleted character. Can you tell me how long the lock out will last for? thank you so much

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I posted this yesterday on your bug report, with the same hunch, as I had not seen your thread here on the CS forum. I also included a link on how to change covenants from wowhead: