Struggling more as a tank warrior more than my other tanks

Then I feel like I should. In mythic keystones especially this week I feel like I take more damage and have a harder time kiting. Tips? Advice?

Very much appreciated.

Yeah, it’s easy to duck up as a warrior.

Drop ravager and take into the fray. You need more haste to maintain more shield block.

Unless you’re able to maintain 90+% SB in dungeons with ravager, you should be using fray.

Other then that, warriors need to be played proactively instead of reactively. You need to understand what damage hurts, who does that damage, and have a plan to deal with it up front.

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You’re Necro(?), so treat your Fleshcraft like a defensive cooldown instead of pre-using it before a pull. By pre-using it, you’re losing out on the 20% damage reduction. If you use PlagueDoctor soulbind you can treat it like a CC-immune button, and if you use Emeni you can be more mobile while getting some extra damage and healing. Hammersmith is a trap unless you’re ok with dying, which you shouldn’t be in Keystones–there are other “cheat death” trinkets you can use.

Your Vers is very low and it looks like you’re using gear optimized for DPS. Haste could be higher also if you don’t plan on using the talent. Also if you have other Dom gems, use the defensive ones, especially Shard of Kyr. If you plan on tanking, you should be using Blood Set anyway–the difference between Unholy and Blood for Raid is meaningless this late in the tier unless you plan on maining DPS and never tanking.

You’re using Reprisal but not Double Time. If you’re not going to use Double Time you might as well use The Wall leggo instead.

Best Served Cold is overrated. If your problem is taking more damage you shouldn’t be spamming Revenge anyway. Use Booming Voice–its basically a free Ignore Pain.

Crackling Thunder and even Thunder Clap is not going to help you kite. That’s someone else’s responsibility. Try Bounding Stride instead.

Ravager is fine, but as someone else pointed out it more haste = more defensive ability uptime. Ravager is only really useful for Venthyr Condemn spam or ghetto pulling a pack of mobs.

Last choice in the row is preference at the point. Heavy Repercussions and Bolster (with Conduit) do nothing against unblockable damage and are glorified Shield Slam damage increase abilities. Anger Management with The Wall leggo lets you Shield Wall much more often.

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Thanks guys! I know I didn’t give you guys much to work with but much appreciated advice.

I like kyrian alot… and for warriors I notice it way more when the group is bad at interrupts than on other tanks.

You have very low Versatility. Aim for 20%+. I’ve seen Prot Warriors back in CN with 30% unbuffed.

yeah I’ve got some more versed jumped from 4% to 15% and already feeling a lot better.