Stress Test: Battle Plan

Once the servers are up, race to level 5 and make your way down to Gurubashi Arena. Hopefully we can do this entirely in the first and beginning of the second hour. Afterwards, we will race over to Ashenvale for our next big fight, and lastly, we will have our final battle at Thoradins Wall.

This map provides routes to each battle from every starting zone: https:// imgur. com/nMJUOgs
(Just remove the spaces)

Credit to @Chawana for the map!

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Lets not do that.


Does that not defeat the purpose of jamming the starting zones with players and seeing how the servers react?



I’ll see you there! That’s the first thing I am doing.

It won’t. The thousands of people will be fighting over mobs in the starting zone, trying to get to level 5. It will take at least half an hour or so, but then by having most of the stress test players in only one area while pvping will really stress the server.

I get the sinking feeling we’re not getting out of the starting zones, boys.
Invisible Wall Raid Boss will see to that.

It would actually be hilarious for them to put a stationary boss there that kills anyone who tries to leave.

I think that this might be a confirmation that we can leave. Besides, streamers probably have their own plan for a mass raid or something.

I can get behind this evidence.

I have actually been wondering about this too.

I would say it’s highly possible they will do something to keep people from leaving the starter areas during that two hour window at least seeing as the whole purpose of this stress test is to see how the servers can handle a packed area on launch day.

Ok i offically give up on this stress test i have been trying to log in since it went live and the few attemts i got to the server log in now the server either says locked or offline yet im seeing streamers play without issue