Stress Test August 8, 20:00 hrs

See you then!

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Did your magic eight ball tell you how they will both have the final stress on the 8th, and still release the server names and types well before the 13th?

Where did you get this information? From those cultist kids in Goldshire?

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Why didn’t you just put that in the OP then.

By the way, the fact it still requires an active sub is so ridiculous. You want people to STRESS test the servers. So open it up to everyone. This feels like some Activision suit decision.

So it was the crazy kids in Goldshire. Thanks for sharing.

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Oh, shiiiiiiiiiii…

Post has been deleted and unlisted…


I guess roping people into 2 weeks sub before the game comes out was not squeezing enough blood from the stone. They need that 5 extra days! :moneybag::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

In soviet Russia, test stresses you


So I guess this confirms that they likely will give little to no breathing room for guilds to choose a server prior to the 13th.

I’m calling fake news.

The important thing is that they don’t skip the test entirely…Not just for the servers, or even as a marketing thing… but because it’s a last hurrah for addon devs to actually live test their addons before launch too. There’s a number of them as of yet unfinished.

From the thumbnail posted above “2019-08-08T18:00:00Z”


Yeah, post no longer exists.

Russians just jumped the gun I suppose :smiley:

It actually makes sense to have the stress test quite close to 13th because that means way more people are going to sub early that way.

Moooore moneeeeeehhhh.

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