Stress Free Gaming (Cross Faction)

I just started a community meant to augment the pool of available players for Small guilds. Born of the Hyjal Horde guild Midgard we aim to run groups where there is no fear of toxicity or judgement.

Whatever level you might be, we’re hoping to build an easy place to find willing, helpful, and social members to group with.

It’s open invite so just press “J”, click Join or Create Community and enter in:
Join Code M4R0zXoT3ZY

This is a brand new community so will take some build time =)

Let me know if you have any issues joining.

Hey would like to join your community, in Proudmoor NA, I’m always so just /w Cheers, Bella

I’m US - NA Proudmoore, add me if you want.

Was out of town for a couple days. Will try adding =)

Bump. Because the community will be a bit barren. Until it isn’t.

There are still plenty of folks who enjoy playing the game. Hoping to get more here for groups etc.

I joined. I can really only play a few times per month, but that will change in September

Bumping this because it’s a cool idea

Greetings! Not sure how recruiting is going for you, but we started a community very similar to your concept a couple of weeks ago called GeneCo (forum post below). We are about 7-8 strong with more interested people giving us a look. We’re age 30+ and looking for the same age group to join, other info in the forum post. Let me know if you would be interested in joining groups.

[Cross Faction] Looking for Active, Older & Non-Hardcore Players - Recruitment / Communities Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (

Discord - Tyeranny#4953
Battle Tag - Tyeranny#1213

Slowly growing. But growing nonetheless. Looking forward to meeting new folks!

We’re adding signups in our discord. Mainly starting with heroics while some folks gear up.

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I’d love to join but it says that the link has expired.

New one listed should work now!

Hey there, just joined :slight_smile: