Strengths of outlaw rogue?

Hey guys wanting to try out outlaw. What is their strengths in both PvP and pve? Compared to assassination? (Currently play assassination) thanks!!

Significantly less dependent on stealth so chain pulls or screwy mechanics are less punishing. If you don’t mind pressing Blade Flurry every 10 seconds then AoE/cleave is less involved. Major reduction in ramp up time compared to Assa.

Just grab some green 1Hs and give it a try. All the pros and cons don’t really matter if you’re like me and can’t stand playing around Roll the Bones.

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I like that Blade Flurry allows Rogues to funnel priority damage while making it easier to observe what mobs are doing to stun/interrupt.

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I personally don’t think Outlaw Rogue has any real strengths in PvP, at least not for DF Season 2. Outlaw is primarily intended to be a PvE spec.

I highly recommend avoiding RSS as Outlaw Rogue. The spec is just absolute trash right now for the mode.


  • Very Active Spec.
  • Lots of Buffs and Debuffs.
  • Decent CC.
  • Roll the Bones keeps the rotation somewhat fresh.


  • Extremely gear dependent.
  • Little-to-no burst.
  • There’s ALOT of things to keep track of.
  • You’re dictated by what buffs you roll for Roll the Bones.
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Technically true if you’re chain pulling. But if you run out of procs, can be horrible without stealth for your opener. Unless you’re playing KiR, then maybe less so?
I despise spiteful for this very reason.