Streaking Stars nerf


Now that streaking stars has been nerfed (again) is it still worth taking? If not what would be the advice instead? I only take it over lively spirit because I pug a lot and it’s tough to communicate with pug heals to stack it up.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: Class Tuning - January 29 (UPDATED)

Just to cite source :slight_smile:

(Sevaryn) #3

Doesn’t that post say it got a 15% buff?


Ya I’m pretty sure it got a 15% increase


how are people this stupid.

(Silaena) #6

Lol boonies and kitties.
I wish the Restoration community had at least a third of your concern with upcoming nerfs. Resto druids are always okay with any crap thrown at them

Also, talk about overreacting… The post says +15% INCREASE, you silly chicken.

(Fonze) #7

Scrap all your SS


From your source.

(Eillena) #9

good they nerfed it so hard the text overflowed