Strange Nokhud behavior

I dont know why I find this silly, but I suppose it might be worth mentioning. When you enter the Nokhud camp by Pinewood post and walk down the hill a bit to the right, is a Nokhud soldier attacking a tree.
I have absolutely no Idea why he is banging his pole arm against the tree, perhaps the tree did something evil to him in a past life. I feel sorry killing him because I dont think he is the Nokhud’s smartest knife in the drawer.
I am not a dev, but maybe they should put a gerbil or a bandicoot or something more worth attacking there than a tree.

He’s chasing a squirrel that stole his lunch and ran up the tree.


He’s trying to break his pole arm. :dracthyr_tea:

Could be using it as a target dummy…or doesn’t got an axe to collect firewood with maybe? Then again they could just be crazy lol


Maybe you found the Don Quixote of the Nokhud tribe, valiantly slaying his giant pine trees


He’s sharpening his spear… or blunting it.

He is … doing his best


He was doing his best. He was taken, like so many young, flowering Nokhud youth before his time, at Nokhudon Hold, Teerakai, and Shikaar Highlands. So, in accordance to what his dying wish may well have been, we must return his mortal remains to the bosom of the great Ohn’aran Plains. Which he loved so well.

Good night, sweet prince.


What movie is this? Oh my lord, the Folgers coffee container got me. Hahaha!

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That’s beautiful :heart_eyes:


He is up to Nokhud :smiley:



Amazing, thank you! I’ll definitely be giving it a watch lol.


It’s one of my favorite movies, so I hope you enjoy it!


He’s…pining for combat? Really? No laughs? Wow, knock on wood amiright?

I, too, exhibit /ahem strange behavior when I’m nokhud.


Just a precaution if you have little ones, the dialogue in that movie is extremely nsfw. Nearly every other word is an f-bomb. It is legitimately one the most absurd and hilarious movies ever made though. :rofl:


I wouldn’t know, i hate that instance. I usually ask to be removed from the group if that comes up as a random, then go on my 30 min break lmao

I confess, I stole his lunch and he found me hidden in a tree eating it.

Nokhud was very angry, but it was a good lunch.

Don’t be, you saved my life.

You’re my hero!

pecks kiss Hornwinkle on the cheek

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“What the Fel are they doing?

“They were told to get some polearm practice, and then someone else told them to gather firewood.”

“So they decided to do both at once.”


“They’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer, are they?”


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Haha thank you for the heads up! I am looking forward to seeing it. Need a good laugh these days, lol!


i never really react to these things just assuming that they are probably just use the tree/pole as a training dummy.