Strand of the Ancients Bug Needs Fixing By Tomorrow

1 day before Strand of the Ancients call to arms starts and blizzard still needs to fix the respawns, this is impossible to play when you are forced to run back to your corpse.

If this isn’t fixed by tomorrow the PvP world will be in shambles.


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Same thing happened to me multiple games in a row, please fix

Unfortunately this still isn’t resolved, it only appears when the horde play with alliance masks on it seems.

They actually have a new “Feature” one side cannot shoot with cannons and demos while the others can. I’ve seen it happen regularly to my horde side. I guess since Ali’s are more prone to hacking and it usually just affects one side this might be a hack they use to get another unfair advantage.

actually restarting the game fixes it.
Still BOO the Alis!!!