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Got banned from another discord. Used to get upset by such but they’re marks of honor by now.

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How did you get banned?

eh, I really hate Discord as a platform.

The server I was in implemented a rule that I disagreed with, so I spoke out against it. The rule is counterintuitive to what the server is about and when they clarified why the rule was put into place I was talked down to. It was really sanctimonious given what the server is about.

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Sounds unfair and unreasonable of them.

It’s a NSFW server and they banned pictures of a specific swimwear brand that is known for its… particular way of advertising. The mods were acting like the people in the server were at fault for them showing off full asscheeks which is silly. If they don’t want that on their server so be it but I’m not in discord servers to be insulted.

Utterly ridiculous.

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So… what brand was it?

Don’t leave me in the dark.

It’s BoutineLA

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I fail to see how this could be a bannable offence. Just checked out thier insta. While there are a lot of butt cheeks, how is this NSFW?

Clearly it’s a marketing strat but this was banned on a NSFW discord? My WoW guild posts way worse stuff in our NSFW channel.

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A lot of other people got banned for disagreeing and others left, so it’s the mods being idiots. Which is what it seems to be much of the time, Dunning-Kruger effect. Whether it’s discords, guilds, jobs. People should engage more with introspection.

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I’m in a really strange mood today. If I’m off don’t mind me. I’m aggitated for no reason.

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I felt similarly yesterday though I blame that on recovering from the 26 hour bender I went on the day before

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I’m a combination of aggitated and horny and I’m going to go to the gym to see if I can’t burn whatever this mood is off.

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Oh my god, this was me all last night!! Not the horny part, just the aggitation. It was so bad, I had to go for a walk at 2am to try and walk through it, which didn’t work. Instead I just stayed up, pacing around my apartment, going out for short walks, resuming pacing and exhaust myself all day.


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There must be something going on lol.


If it’s any comfort I felt like putting my head through a table all day at work. I blame the crappy weather :wolf:


I hear working out actually makes people more horny

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Where did you hear that?

I went for a run and then ate mozzarella sticks, and now I’m feeling better, maybe I was just hungry.

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I don’t remember where but it has something to do with endorphins being released or some such

A Certain Scientific Mental Out has a new Chapter:

Here are the previous ones:

Chapter 7:

Chapter 6:

Chapter 5:

Chapter 4:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 1.2:

Chapter 1.1:

From the looks of things either Kamino, Kumamori(both have a Cube-theme to them) or the mysterious Inubushi(whom we know nothing about) are attacking Shokuhou from another Dimension and are secretly the original 1st Ranked Level 5…unless the 1st Ranked Level 5 has been messing with Shadow Metal allowing those 3 to gain his/her powers.

Of course the similarities between Shokuhou and Kamino in that they have strange eyes cannot be ignored!

This calls into thinking about how the 1st Ranked Level 5 Esper’s association with Shadow Metal potentially works:

He or she made a pocket dimension inside the Shadow Metal.

Cutting the Shadow Metal would create Memoryless fragments of himself and thus if the Shadow Metal is exposed to an Element such as Water(Shokuhou Misaki) or Electricity(Full Tuning AKA Railgun) said fragments would transfer to a new Body by which I mean a Misaka Clone.

The fragments can also be induced to undergo a “transfer” into without using Elements thus Misaka 9 and Misaka 0 not having Water-based Esper Powers.

Misaka 9 is an imperfect version of the Fragment Transfer and thus gets the wrong Hair yet normal Eyes. Misaka 0(who was possessed as a last resort) is a perfect version.

Once they got the perfected version they simply transferred a sizable portion of the 1st Ranked Level 5 into Misaka 000 AKA Kamino and noticed the Eyes were wrong and thus continued to experiment until discovering that Electricity could transfer the 1st Ranked Level 5 into a Misaka without any evidence creating Kumamori.

Once they confirmed that they used the technique to dump Dolly(who was stuffed into Shadow Metal by the 1st Ranked Level 5 Esper alongside the real Misaka) into a new Misaka of the 3 Digit Line while copying Misaka into Full Tuning/Misaka 0000 making her a Number 5(her reaching Level 5 from Level 0 is suspicious considering Level 0s seem hardwired to be Level 0 and she mentions having feared most of her life of being replaced by a Clone).

The 1st Ranked Level 5 might not know the true purpose of the Clone Project and think it’s a way of giving him or her a new identity.

As for why Aleister wants a Misaka Clone: Misaka would have had done something to offend the Magic Side necessitating her being taken away and Aleister doesn’t want the Parents to find out and thus decided to make a replacement Clone while convincing the 1st Ranked Level 5 that he/she needed a new Body to remain anonymous due to his/her legendary status.

What would the Magic Side do to Misaka once they got her? Turn her Hair Long and Blue like the last Heretic to Magic(Aleister Crowley) then wipe her Memories I would assume I.E. make her into Index.